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OneWord: Feature

It's a feature, not a bug they cry. I wonder what features that iLoo thing from a few days ago has. Blue screens of death scare the crap out of you? Good thing you're sitting on a toilet already. It's funny how I see the word "feature" and immediately think of software. Feaure events, features in magazines, featured entertainers, those are all features too. But I think of software features. I'm a geek, yes.

This 60-second entry was brought to you by today's word from OneWord™.

2 Responses to "OneWord: Feature"

  1. "Feature creep". For some reason, that always gives me the mental image of a software-developing pedophile.

  2. I've got the tagline for the iLoo : "When you think shit, think Microsoft"

    Don't type the brown key!