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The Mythical Man Blog

When I was in college I read The Mythical Man Month. It's one of those books nearly every CS major since the invention of CS has had to read. Basically, this guy messed up a bunch of projects, cost his companies a few gajillion dollars, and learned one amazing lesson: throwing more people at a CS project (hardware, software) does not speed up development.

Perhaps AOL should learn that if this is true about AOL looking to develop their own blog software:

Considering how popular the ?medium? has become, and because AOL is actively searching for new revenue streams, the news is hardly surprising. What is interesting is that according to Winer?s source, AOL Time Warner has 400 people secretly working on the project. To put that in perspective, 20 AOL employees are assigned to the Mozilla project.

Ho hum. At least AOL has a few million to spare on stupid mistakes. Right? Don't they? 😛

One Response to "The Mythical Man Blog"

  1. That is too bizarre! That better be the blog software to end all blog software...