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I was curious earlier today (as I rebuilt my site for the umpteenth time today) about where MovableType was spending its time. Were my RSS feeds taking five seconds? How about the archives? The main index? How long is MT spending doing each of these?

Unfortunately, there's no way to know. What I'd like from MovableType, in the "back end" admin area, is a printout like this (and yes, correcting a single typo and rebuilding can cause all of this):

Rebuilt individual archive 712 in 0.39 sec
Rebuilt individual archive 711 in 0.28 sec
Rebuild individual archive 713 in 0.41 sec
Rebuilt main index in 0.91 sec
Rebuilt master archive in 5.80 sec
Rebuilt daily archive in 0.87 sec
Rebuilt monthly archive in 14.42 sec
Rebuilt category archive in 29.49 sec
Rebuilt RSS 2.0 feed in 0.18 sec
Rebuilt RSS 1.0 feed in 0.17 sec
Rebuilt RSS 0.91 feed in 0.09 sec
Rebuilt Comments feed in 0.98 sec

The best you can really do is putting time stamps on each page with MTTimer, which I've installed into every template (except the RSS ones). I'll be keeping an eye on the times. Because commenting and TrackBacking can both be affected by rebuilding, I want speedy rebuilds.

Where oh where is MovableType Pro?

3 Responses to "MTTimer"

  1. Mine takes forever to rebuild. Are there any ways to improve it?

  2. My first ever entry was called I Hate Perl. I don't really hate Perl, but man, sometimes I'm just not a big fan. The CLI...

  3. MT 3.0 is out 🙂

    Sorry about your (past?) predicament. I do agree that MT is slow as molasses in winter, or the asses of civil servants in summer. Never mind.

    Do you have your MT on mySQL? That's is supposedly faster. Strange, though, that there are no solutions to this.