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UT 2003

ut2003logo.jpgUnreal Tournament, when introduced a number of years ago, was one of my favorite games of the time. It still is, even though I've played a lot of Quake 3 lately.

Fortunately for Mac users, Unreal Tournament was just released in demo/beta form. Only fourteen years (okay, I exaggerate) after the Windows and Linux versions! Wooo! Go Mac users!

Anyway, I've just spent an hour playing, and I was constantly reminded at every point why this game is so much better than Quake. The weapons in particular are simpy awesome. Alternate fire modes (and even more, if you count holding down the fire buttons). Wow.

I'm blown away, and I'm fairly impressed with how my "old" G4/800x2 handled it. Wow.

2 Responses to "UT 2003"

  1. Ive always prefered UT to Q3. Ive tried the demo of UT2003 for mac, but it seems I need to buy a new video card as a get about 1fps on my g4/450 with Geforce 2MX.

    UT with the DM-Excessive mod kicks major ass.

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    The other night the crew at Macstorm had a little UT2K3 Demo affair. I joined in rather late and only played a few rounds, but it was pretty good. Unreal never really did it for me though. I think I'm...