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My .tcshrc Aliases

My recent Perly Gates entry made mention of a tcsh alias that I use: lsf. I thought I'd share - with commentary - some of my other favorite tcsh shortcuts (aliases). If you're using Mac OS X, pop these into ~/.tcshrc if you'd like.

I never use joe, but if I did, I guess I would follow its recommendation and do this:

alias joe        'joe -help \!:1'

These two usually go hand in hand:

alias psf             'ps -auxww | grep \!:1 | grep -v grep'
alias diebitch        'kill -9 \!:1'

These help me be really, really, really lazy:

alias c        'clear'
alias et       'exit'

Some file listing/counting aliases:

alias lis        'ls -laF'
alias lsf        'ls -laF | grep "\!:1"'
alias ff         'find . -name "*\!:1*"'
alias fc         'find . -name "*\!:1*" | wc -l'

Because curl is oftentimes faster than downloading in a browser (browsers are more likely to crash, too):

alias download        'cd ~/Documents/Downloads;curl \!:1 -O'
alias cbdownload      'cd ~/Documents/Downloads;curl `pbpaste` -O;exit'

Sometimes it's good to have information at your fingertips:

alias dict  "curl -s 'dict://\!*' | egrep -v '^220.*|^250.*|^150.*|^221.*'"

When troubleshooting MailDrop, this one came in handy!

alias tfmd            'sudo tcpflow -pci en0 port 25'

I've got a lot of aliases set up for quickly cding to proper directories, like the database directory for my current project "PulpFiction":

alias cdip        'cd ~/Documents/Stuff/Important/'
alias cddb        'cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/PulpFiction/'
alias cdl         'cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Adium/Users/iacas/Logs/'

Ahhh, more lazy scripts!

alias tgz        'tar -czf \!:1 \!:2'
alias untgz      'tar -xzvf \!:1'

And so there you have it. These I take nearly everywhere I go. They're on a public site so I can quickly get at and install them wherever I may be.

15 Responses to "My .tcshrc Aliases"

  1. Most of my aliases are for servers I ssh into. I have a couple of different ones for ls as well as a couple of ones for ps (one very similar to psf).

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  3. I would recommend installing the "dict" program in place of that dict alias.

    Also, I would suggest that anyone using tcsh regularly investigate its programable completion options. I think being able to tab complete remote filenames with scp is pretty much one of the raddest things, ever.

  4. Vinay, I use ~/Library/Application Support/Terminal/ and a bunch of .term files for all of my SSH commands. Then I launch them with Terminal Pal.

    Benjy, yes, I use tcsh's auto-completion regularly. But those aren't aliases.

  5. Benjy,

    I have a bunch of autocompletion thingies that I've liberated from Fred's examples. But how do you do completion of remote filenames with scp?

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  7. Here are some of mine:

    alias myip 'curl -s | grep "IP Address"'

    alias redo 'sudo \!-1'

    alias hex 'echo "ibase=16;" `echo \!* |tr "[:lower:]" "[:upper:]"` |bc'

    alias decimal 'echo "obase=16; \!*" |bc'

    alias isrunning 'ps ax | grep \!* | grep -v grep'

  8. Completion of remote filenames with scp? Easy! Like this:

    complete scp 'c%*@*:%`set q=$:-0;set q="$q:s/@/ /";set q="$q:s/:/ /";set q=($q " ");rsh $q[2] -l $q[1] ls -dp $q[3]\*`%' 'c%*:%`set q=$:-0;set q="$q:s/:/ /";set q=($q " ");rsh $q[1] ls -dp $q[2]\*`%' 'c%*@%$hosts%:' 'C@[./$~]*@f@' 'n/*/$hosts/:'


  9. I have:

    alias unas 'otool -tV \!* | c++filt | more'

    alias pbopen 'open -a /Developer/Applications/Project\ \!*'

  10. I should also add:

    alias netspy 'sudo tcpdump -i en1 not port osu-nms and not port ipp'

    (osu-nms is the Airport base station monitoring, ipp is CUPS discovery)

  11. The following opens a bbedit window with a sorted summary of the disk usage (in kilobytes) of the subdirectories referenced from the current directory:

    alias dus='du -k | sort -rn | bbedit'

  12. you are all dorks, and I love it...although we all know you aspire to use bash.

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