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Survivor Night… and Matt’s in Charge?

My prediction: Rob or Matt will win. I've been saying "Rob" for a long time now - he's played the game "the best" so far. However, last week Matthew made the first comment about "being in control" that I think he's ever made. This made me wonder if he wasn't smarter than he's let on so far.

This article on Survivor Fire .com gives ten reasons why Matt is the Man. Will he win? I dunno. But the ten reasons listed are interesting, and worth a read.

This is why I like reality TV. I'm a big, big fan of psychology, and this show is so damn interesting. The dynamics of a group of people are awesome to behold, especially when it's (by its vary nature) condensed into only the interesting parts. Survivor night!!!

3 Responses to "Survivor Night… and Matt’s in Charge?"

  1. Well that sucked. More comments soon.

  2. No kiddin'. I'm waiting until tomorrow so it can all sink in. Ugh.

  3. What began as a battle of the sexes ended as a battle of the sexes: Matt vs. Jenna. Sanity vs. Insanity. Brawn vs. Beauty. 6...