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Survivor 6.eof();

What began as a battle of the sexes ended as a battle of the sexes: Matt vs. Jenna. Sanity vs. Insanity. Brawn vs. Beauty. 6 to 1? Nobody in our group predicted Jenna to win let alone to walk away with it so easily. What follows is a random smattering of parting shots before I wrap things up.

Butch had to go first. We all knew that in my group, but upon further reflection, I wonder why. He didn't piss off anyone, that's for sure, and half the time (even in the end) he didn't seem to know for whom everyone else was voting. But in the last vote, you vote for someone, not against them. Butch was a type you never voted against, but was he the type to vote for? I don't think so.

Matt was more in charge than he appeared, and his after-finale "interview" exposed that fact. He was acting kooky on purpose to downplay his physical threat. He admitted to having thrown reward challenges to help downplay it too.

Jenna did not "work" much at all. Anyone should have seen through that bullshit. She didn't "play" the game either - usually she went along, sometimes she bitched, and very rarely was she even one of the first people contacted about an alliance switch.

Matt trusted both Jenna and Rob enough to take him that he threw the final immunity challenge. That takes balls - Richard Hatch did it didn't he? - and it didn't pay off in the end (though my group surely thought it would). In fact, here's how we thought the winners would go: Rob v. Jenna = Rob. Rob v. Matt = Rob. Matt v. Jenna = Matt. Anyway, Matt's move was a wise (but slightly risky one) because he wouldn't have to show that he was lying to Rob or to Jenna (thus giving one vote to the other person, probably). Sad that it didn't work out for him, but, oh well.

Did Butch ever vote for the same person as the majority? Ever?

Heidi has the highest IQ? Good. Just goes to show you what having an IQ does for you. Our group busted out laughing when she said she "played down" her intelligence because she didn't want to show all of her cards. Ha! She did nothing to prove her intelligence throughout the game, and succeeded only in proving that a high IQ does not mean you're highly intelligent. What's she doing with all those brains? Oh yeah, she's a gym teacher, and one who doesn't know what 12 x 13 is at that.

My group's top three: Rob, Matt, Deena. That's how we'd have voted based on how they played the game, in that order.

Matt got suckered into "admitting" that he lied and backstabbed. The only person he really backstabbed was that dude at the very very beginning of the show, and that didn't matter. Who did Matt lie to (that they knew)? Nobody. Had his final speech gone like this I think he'd have fared better: "I understand that it's great to sit there and say that we've not been honest or maintained our integrity, but I also believe that if you ask yourself, and if you'd asked any other jury member sitting there with you, if I've ever lied to you or misled you, then you'd come up with the answer 'no.' Perhaps it was a fluke that I got this far, given that I didn't 'lie, cheat, steal, and deceive,' but here I am, and I didn't do those things."

The questions at the end were particularly lame. Dave the "Pocket Rocket Scientist" asked which world leader they admired? Was he just trying to get Jenna to admit that she couldn't think of any? Lame question. Heidi's was the most entertaining, but beyond that, the questions were mostly lame. Their answers to "why should the other person not be here?" reflected the way my group felt. Matt should have beat Jenna.

Jenna mentioned that Matt doesn't "deserve" to win because he doesn't "need" the money. This is the same guy that was pretty excited about winning a $4,000 car. Besides, as Jeff says, Survivor is not the American Association of Philanthropists. It's about who played best. I'm glad, however, that Jenna didn't point out how much a million dollars would help with her mom's hospital bills.

When they asked Rob if he had any luck with the ladies, he said "I have good news, and bad news. The good news is that I have a girlfriend, the bad news is…" At this point Daria and I both shouted out "…that she's fat!" 🙂

Nick is happy with the results.

I will give Jenna credit for "pulling it out" in the end. She won two immunity challenges, one when she absolutely needed it (Matt/Rob/Butch/Jenna). That she won four total (out of eight) is great, even though Matt helped her win that plate/shuffleboard one.

Heidi asked the dumbest question when she said "anybody else?" Yeah, sure, you deserved it Heidi! Uh huh! Uhhh, no! Sorry loser, go sit back down. Christy deserved it more than she did.

Speaking of Christy, her final question to Jenna was interesting. Obviously Jenna overcame it - Christy voted for her after swearing she'd "never let that happen." I'll agree with Jenna, too: sticking out at all is a handicap. Christy shouldn't (and I don't think she did) take offense to people using the word handicap. I've got both a golf and a bowling handicap, after all.

Jeff didn't needle Dan or the other guy (model boy) enough for humping the log.

Jeff should have needled Jeanne about trying to poison the other contestants. That would have been funny. They should also take audience questions, or put a big ass list of questions on the Web site, letting people vote for them as the season goes along, and ask the top five questions or something.

Nobody will ever really convince me that Jenna wasn't a stuck up selfish snobby bitch. Look for the words "Screw you you fat pig" on this Survivor 6 episode 8 page, but try to guess who said it before you go. However, I will say that she seemed to grow throughout the show, and to learn things about herself. Good for her if so.

Did Jenna fake being sick last week to make it past that vote? If so, brilliant stroke of gameplay. I've faked being sick - it ain't hard - but a brilliant move if she did it at that moment.

Rob deserved to win. Period. Jeff said it, Matt said it, Jenna said it. Not in those words specifically, but they said it.

This was the best season of Survivor yet.

3 Responses to "Survivor 6.eof();"

  1. Survivor 6, Jenna Wins

    Good wrap up Erik! The only thing with this last survivor (I haven't watched it since the first one) is...

  2. Nonpareil

    adjective 1. Having no equal. Possible spoilers: Survivor Wow. Wow! A fabulous capstone to a stunningly great season that sets

  3. I really think she may have been faking. That or she just got some insane boost in the last few days.

    I loved the money shot on the Statue of Liberty, that was really classic. Looks like the next show will be on islands, which is great, because it's what I liked best about the first season.