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American Idol: 3 Contestants

We're down to three. I'm eating ice cream (Breyer's mint chocolate chip) while I watch, so I probably won't be typing a whole lot. Plus, there are only three contestants. Let's get to it.

Wow, wait, next week is the last show. And three songs each this week? Wow. A randomly chosen song?! Chosen today? Hmm. Ahhh, May sweeps. 🙂

Kimberley is up first with Band of Gold. She's already sung this one. Good song for her. The backup singers are a bit loud. She's doing okay, but I wouldn't call this something worth voting for. I wonder how hard it is to get into performing shape on songs chosen only this morning. It was better than ho hum, but she's inconsistent so it's tough for me to like it tooSigned, Sealed, Delivered, a Stevie Wonder song. Paula is fucking annoying. Sit down woman. Ruben's moving around a little more than he usually does, and that's cool. Nice job Ruben. A bit repetitive of a song, making it a fairly easy song I guess, but cool. Good job. Not a typical Ruben song, but well done.

Clay is going to sing Vincent. It's not a song he'd sing for himself, and I've never heard of it, but we'll see how Clay does. Sounds a tad pitchy in the first notes. It's a folksy song (it's a Don McLean song) and it shows. Really not a song I wanted to hear. Clay does "okay" but forgot some of the words. Not his best, but he said it: not a song he'd normally pick. Maybe I just didn't like the song. Randy: "boring song." Paula: "not your best." Simon: "You're lucky you have two songs left."

The judges choose now. Kimberley up now with Anyone Who Had a Heart. Randy says Kimberley did well with it last year. I don't think Kimberley is doing so well with it. I don't remember Kelly's version, but this isn't doing much for me. Randy and Paula loved it. Simon: "what?" "Safe, good-ish."

Ruben is singing Smile. Mmm, ice cream melting, must eat faster. Must type less. Ruben is doing well. Not a typical Ruben song but he's doing nicely. Randy: "you represented." Simon: "job done."

Clay's up next. Wonder what they chose for him… Mac the Knife. Wow, nice choice. He might kick ass here. Steve Jobs demoed about ten versions of this song in his iTunes Music Store press conference. Clay isn't Ella Fizgerald or anything, but man he nailed that one pretty straight up. Randy: standing O. Paula: standing O. Simon: "brilliant."

Kimberley's song choice is Inseparable by Natalie Cole. I just realized that nobody who's left is what you'd really call the "entertainer" type. They're all "stand still and sing ballads and love songs" type of singers. They all have soulful, rich voices. None are "pop" stars in the truest "bounce around and get everybody hoppin'" sense of the word. It's fine. Kimberley is doing well. I like this one most of her performances tonight. Hmm, this is me "not typing much"? Jeez. Randy: "that was hot." Simon: "we have three good people in the top three - all three of you deserve to make it." I disagree there - Kimberley has had some awful performances in the past. She should go this week.

Ruben's singing If Ever You're In My Arms Again by Peabo Bryson. I remember he sang a Disney soundtrack song for, what, Aladdin? Or was it that mouse movie (An American Tail)? Ruben's got some low notes he doesn't quite hit very strong here. The high noest are much better, though he sounds a bit like he's yelling. Not a good choice: he's talking on the low low notes and yelling the higher ones. I've seen Ruben do better. It's not bad, it's just not spectacular. Randy: "that was dope." Simon: "you should be there [the final]."

Clay is gonna sing Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers. Yeah, this is a Clay song. A nice song, and Clay has certainly gotten a little better in his facial expressions. He was literally frightening those first few weeks. On the "I need your touch" he hits it. The crowd loves it. Wow, just a pure, good, talented singer. He should win. Randy: "you made it work." Paula: "without a doubt, this performance, the best of the competition." Simon: "why don't we vote off Ryan Seacrest instead?"

Who should go? Kimberley, simply because of her inconsistent performance. She can be really bad sometimes. Ruben and Clay have never been "bad."

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  1. Connatural

    adjective 1. Innate; inborn. 2. Related or similar in nature; cognate. Possible spoilers: American Idol Work's kicking my ass right

  2. hi, do u know if any of auditions for american idol going to be in boston?

  3. Where exactly is the next American Idol audition (in New York on August 25th) taken place?

    Please Email me back with the answer, i would like to Participate. Thank you.

  4. I just want to know where the hell did they find these shitty ass singers? Ruben and Clay were the only two out of the whole show who were worth watching. There should have not been a second season. Come to North Carolina and I guaratee u will find what your looking for in an American Idol. You can start with me.One more thing Kelly is a horrible person to be American Idol. She doesnt sing she screams,I give Simon an A he is truthful and honest.

  5. I wanna know if their having any auditions in north carolina, b/c this is where the talent is at

  6. My favorite part of the whole show is simon! he is

    truthful and plus he's super hot!!!!!!!!

  7. Please I just have to kow where the next American Idol audition wil be held I just have to get on that show I wacth all year last year and I did not make it in time but this year its seems to be the same outcome. But I do know that I have to find out where they are going to be next. I know that 2004 auditions may be over but what about 2005 I just have to get on this show, so if you will please e-mail me to let me know where I can find a Schedule for the upcomming auditions. All I every want to do is sing when I was young thats all I ever talked about and I dont want to miss my chance so please please help me find them.

  8. I was wondering where the auditions for next year will be held

  9. I am a Gospel Singer trying to get in American Idol to I have sung at the White House and I can sing really well!! Chantelle can too!! Shout out to her!!

    Luv, Nathaniel

    Email me

  10. I whould so like to become an american idol!!!!

  11. my name is donald from poughkeepsie,ny and i would love to become the next amercan idol i love to sing i have been in many talent shows and have won first place at the talent america show please all i dream about is becoming a singer i like country music,pop,r&b,ext.....please i am begging you for this chance to become the next ameican idol i know i can be the next and so does alot of other people please let me know when the next auditions are coming up in new york city thank you for reading this god bless you all.

  12. my name is Erica Martinez, I live in Haverstraw, NY,I would like to become the next american idol next year. Please let me know when the next auditions are coming up in new york city


    Erica Martinez

  13. Hello!

    My name is Tiana Grounds... I live in Radcliff, KY. I've been singing since I was a child. I've been to many Competitions and made 1st place. I've had many auditions, and I've been to a recording studio and made a CD with only 3 songs on it. I've been told from just about everyone that I should try to go on American Idol and so I wanna go for it. I've also been told that I have a unique voice. I sing at my church every sunday. I was in Kentuckiana Idol that 99.7 DJX promoted and that was done at the Carl Caspers Auto Show In Louisville, KY on February 21st, 2003. I would like to know if their are still auditions for 2004, or if 2004 American Idol contestants have been chosen already. And if so I'd like to know when/where the auditions are for 2005. I would have to say that for myself is that I enjoy singing and not alot of people do. Singing is my life. I want people to be able to feel what I am singing. Thank You! Please notivy me ASAP. Thanks again!

    I would love to just try and see where I go. I know I can make it!

  14. Hey I'm Georgia and I would love it if you guys could contact me with info about American Idol auditions for 2005 and when will they be held in Atlanta. Please let me know because I am determined to be the next American Idol!

  15. When and where will the season 4 auditions be held?

  16. When and where are the auditions for American Idol 4 going to held?

  17. I am looking and if I fin anymore information I will post!

  18. This is the mos I found!

    By Tara Ariano

    MSNBC contributor

    Updated: 4:33 p.m. ET Jan. 19, 2004

    The third season of “American Idol” kicks off Monday on FOX – and,

    for some of its viewers, ends two days later.

    The successor to Ruben Studdard’s throne won’t be crowned until May, but what’s the point of watching once the auditions are over? The process of the show ensures that the finalists are all “good” singers in exactly the same homogenized ways, whereas the bad singers are each uniquely bad. Therefore, the only really compelling part of “American Idol” is the few episodes at the top of the season when the judges are auditioning terrible, hopeless wannabes who have no shot at a recording career ever.

    Though “Idol” is considered part of the reality-TV genre,

    it has several inherent deficiencies when regarded by the serious

    TV junkie. The greatest appeal of nearly every other reality show

    is that it features real people doing humiliating things, or doing

    challenging things badly, so that we at home might feel superior to


    When we watch toothsome twentysomethings choking down reindeer

    testicles on “Fear Factor," it’s not to admire their skill in

    conquering the task; it’s to see if they’re going to throw up and

    get booted out of the game. And the only time we ever remember any

    of the physical challenges on “Survivor” is when someone really biffs

    – remember when Sandra had to jump onto that platform in the water a

    nd landed on her jaw? Awesome.

    When it comes to reality TV, it is more fun to watch someone doing

    something badly than it is to watch him do something well.

    The most memorable 'Idol' promos feature the crappiest singers,

    cringe-inducingly belting their hearts out with misguided –—and

    thus hilarious — confidence in their own talents.

    This fact runs counter to the stated mission of “American Idol,”

    which is ostensibly to ferret out the nation’s undiscovered talents

    and give one of them the recording contract we’re supposed to think

    they deserve – that, and to give Americans a chance to determine which

    wannabe is most worthy of the honor.

    However, if you’ve seen any of the promos Fox has been running to tease

    the new season, it’ll be clear to you that someone at the network knows

    the most compelling reason we should tune in. The most memorable spots

    don’t showcase the best singers auditioning in front of Paula Abdul,

    Simon Cowell, and Randy Jackson; rather, they feature the crappiest singers,

    cringe-inducingly belting their hearts out with misguided – and thus hilarious –

    confidence in their own talents.

    Why shouldn’t we focus on the rotten singers, when the rest of the

    competition has become so irrelevant? Last season, it was as though

    each week brought with it another finalist’s hasty, ignominious exit,

    as brought their various past indiscretions to light,

    from assault charges to nudie photos.

    Who cares who wins?

    One could even argue that it barely matters who wins the contest.

    The first season winner (Kelly Clarkson) and second-place finisher

    (Justin Guarini) both released major-label début albums, both appeared in

    the same terrible movie (“From Justin To Kelly”), and both have pretty much

    departed from the pop-culture radar. The second-season finalists, Clay Aiken

    and Ruben Studdard, have each had so much ink spilled about them that it’s

    easy to forget which one of them actually won. (Hint: Not the one who performed on

    MTV’s New Year’s Eve show, nor the first one to make it to the cover of “Rolling Stone.”)

    By this time next year — when Fox is gearing up for ‘American Idol 4’ — the ‘AI 3’

    winner will be on the way back toward the anonymity he or she is enjoying right now.

    To take the competition seriously means that, on some level, you think that whoever wins

    is going to end up a pop star – or, if you’re not prepared to suspend your disbelief that far,

    that you have at least formed an opinion as to which of the finalists most deserves to prevail

    over his or her rivals. But if you think that the judges’ selections are utterly predictable in

    their homogeneity, then there’s no reason to watch once the producers have finished airing footage

    of the crappy singers.

    After all, we already have a Faith Hill (who may be one Faith Hill more than we need, anyway).

    What could compel a sensible person to subject herself to an array of wholesome blondes giving

    workmanlike renditions of every track in the Hill discography?

    Even if you’re tempted to tune in to critique the would-be Idols for yourself, the structure of

    the show will probably drive you away.

    It’s inescapably true that reality shows are padded with pointless filler to insult the viewer’s

    intelligence and test his patience (as anyone who watched the final installment of “Trista & Ryan’s

    Wedding” could attest), but “American Idol” is particularly shameless in its low ratio of meaningful

    content per minute of programming.


    Book review: Simon says . . . not that much

    The longer the season wears on, and the more contestants get eliminated, the more filler there has

    to be in

    each episode, culminating in the biggest travesty of all: a two-hour season finale to tell the nation

    the twelve seconds’ worth of information that Fox has suckered America into waiting four months to hear.

    For all these reasons and more, I’m standing firm in my decision to watch only the “American Idol” auditions,

    and then move on with my life. If I ever have the burning desire to check in on the finalists’ standing . . .

    well, that’s what “Entertainment Weekly” is for.

    By this time next year – when Fox is gearing up for “American Idol 4" – the “AI 3" winner will be on the way back

    toward the anonymity he or she is enjoying right now, so it’s just as well that I not start caring for that brief

    period of time in between.

    The bad auditioners are never going to release ill-fated albums or show up on the cover of “People.” The least I can

    do to validate their sacrifice of dignity in the service of impossible dreams is to watch them slaughter “Do That To

    Me One More Time.”

    And laugh. A lot

  19. Go to this website and enter your email address and when American Idol 4 comes you will know!

  20. Dis is Tiffany comin to ya da way I am . Yo do n-e-1 know where da next American Idol will be at . Cuz if so holla at cho gurl 4-sho!

    Peace one luv 4-shizzy my nizzy!

    ! Shawdie! # one

  21. All of you idiots need to stop posting.

  22. They say that the early bird get's the worm.I don't want no got dam worm. I just want to know when the next auditions for the 2005.I know I can sing fa sho. And my beautiful 3 year daughter might be the next Raven Simone. And I know with this one time owner personality and charm I was made for the Big Screen. 2005 is my year to shine. Final Thought: You ever have the feeling that you don't belong or that no one around you is own your level. No? Then this might not be for you think about it....ahah ahah. >:-) oops oh my 0:-)