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hydra.gifToday Andy and I used Hydra. As others have written, it's a pretty damn spiffy collaborative typing tool. You share a document, others join, and everyone types. Hydra keeps track of who's written what with colored backgrounds. Nice! I could say more about Hydra, but others already have. It's nice.

However, Hydra is lacking one thing: chat functionality. We found it annoying to have both a Hydra document and an AIM chat room going on at the same time. Perhaps version 1.5 or 2.0?

2 Responses to "Hydra"

  1. When I use Hydra, we use comments to do chat. I am not in there with more than one person, so its not that bad.

  2. I actually open a separate document in Hydra for chat. Each person gets their own paragraph and just makes whatever comments they need. Sometimes someone will be a smartass and correct the other person's chat text directly, but it's all color-coded so we know who to give the wedgie to.