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iWipe. Do You?

iwipe_icon.jpgToday Freshly Squeezed Software is releasing iWipe. What's it do? Basically, nearly everything that this thing does. The only thing it doesn't really do is offer as much customizability because, frankly, we think it's pointless.

We overshot my initial $8 estimate. Brad spent a lot of time working on the thing, and the Unix commands given in that entry are much simpler than the functionality provided in iWipe.

We still wanted to charge $8, actually, but then we weren't sure if people would regard it as a "serious" app, so we settled on $14. It's "less than half the cost" of the $30 previously mentioned without being "less than half as serious."

Plus, it's metal, and we felt we should discount the price at least a little because of that. 😀

8 Responses to "iWipe. Do You?"

  1. Metal? with tabs?? Oh man.

  2. Yeah, why metal? It would look much much nicer in plain aqua.

  3. It interacts directly with hardware. It's one window. Thus, it meets the requirements. My "Plus…" statement was backhanded sarcasm. Metal is actually a good fit for this app.

  4. Nifty little utility you got there. I feel sorry for all those people who paid seventy bucks Norton Utilies' Filesweeper function.

  5. I disagree, Erik. I think the terminology is "media devices", not just any hardware.

    Oh well, I've got haxies.

  6. Steve:

    Mac OS X version 10.2 provides developers with a new ?textured? window appearance (see Figure 5-4). This window style has been designed specifically for use by?and is therefore best suited to?applications that provide an interface for a digital peripheral, such as a camera, or an interface for managing data shared with digital peripherals, such as the Address Book application.

    As iWipe interfaces with digital camera cards and pretty much any storage you can hook up to your computer, it fits.

  7. Me too. Usually. 🙂

  8. is iWipe still valid for use with 10.4.8?
    i notice it was written and last updated back in 2003 - it does exactly what i need it to do (wipe the free space on my disks) but since a lot has changes with the OS in the last 3 years, am a little concerned about asking an old application to start scrubbing data from my hard disk