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My Brush with Identity Theft

I scored very well on the "Identity Theft Quiz from March, but today that world almost came crashing down on me: I got a statement from both MCI and a collections agency for a well-overdue account. The amount was only $158.89, but the number was certainly not mine.

I called MCI, explained myself, and was asked if I lived at 414 Some Street. That ain't my address. I confirmed that I do have an MCI account at a different phone number. The woman then "filled out a form" and told me I'd get a letter confirming that my name, credit rating, etc. had been cleared of this weird charge.

I asked the customer service rep "this happens so often you have a form for it?" She said roughly every 100-200 calls (she takes about 50/day) is a case like this. I'd say something like "wow" but that factoid is fucked up enough to make its own statement.

2 Responses to "My Brush with Identity Theft"

  1. Read the MCI Backstory here. Last Friday, a collection agency called me to attempt to collect on $158.89 they say I owed MCI. I paid...

  2. On May 13 the whole thing started. It continued on through June 26. Hopefully, as promised today, within 14 days I will receive a refund...