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OneWord: Hold

I love how when you call somewhere they say "can I put you on hold?" and oftentimes before the "s" of "yes" escapes your mouth you hear the soothing Muzak of Enya or somebody who you'd really rather not hear Muzak-ized. So you "hold on" while "on hold." Perhaps you even hold yourself. Or a can of Coke that you drink. You're holding on to the hope that you won't get disconnected.

This 60-second entry was brought to you by today's word from OneWord™.

One Response to "OneWord: Hold"

  1. My sister (Talya, who also writes for the Driss-A-Blog) worked for the Ritz-Carlton for a while, and they had a rule. If you needed to put someone on hold, you had to ask, "May I put you on hold?" If they said "no," you were not permitted to do so. The way she talked about it, it sounded like a punishable offense.