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QotD: Favorite Alcoholic Beverage

Question: What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

My Answer: I like amaretto sours. I like amaretto with chocolate milk. I like amaretto in nearly everything. Sometimes, though, I drink a drink I invented in college (it has a somewhat inappropriate name, I may post it in the comments). Mmmm, amaretto… How often do I drink? Once every few months.

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11 Responses to "QotD: Favorite Alcoholic Beverage"

  1. QoD: Favorite Alcoholic Beverage

    Erik's Question of The Day is a good one. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? This is very easy to...

  2. The classic gin martini, dry, served very cold in the proper glass.

  3. A nice red wine.

    If we're talking cocktails, I'd probably go for the White Russian (from 'Big Lebowski' fame), or Caipiriña or the dangerously alcoholic Mai Tai.

    I always have a bottle of Amaretto around for making Tiramisu. I'll offer you one in the unlikely event that you knock at the door 🙂

  4. Hmm, that's a tough one. I have so many. I enjoy a Guinness and Harp very much. However I also like vodka Martinis and a Mojito.

  5. Booze

    I'm not really much of a drinker... I find I prefer those with a minimum of extra mixers and sweeteneners.

  6. Alcohol sucks. I will never touch it.

  7. Long Island Ice Tea! 😀

  8. Stoli Vanil and Seagrams Ginger-ale.

    Or a nice Chianti.

    Or Jolly Rancher Shots.

    All depends on the occasion. 🙂

  9. Beer, Glorious Beer

    Beer is the drink. There are plenty to choose from, but I pick my five (current) favorites...

  10. I'm with ssp here, I like my wines red. I tried and didn't like beer. So I guess I like wine best.

  11. my favorite drink is 99 bananas with blue twister and pineapple juice and orange juice THE BEST.... Second favorite chioce is bud light!! i love beer