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QotD: Haircuts

Question: How many different haircuts (styles) have you had in your lifetime?

My Answer: I've had about one. There was an MC Hammer-inspired time that I got "steps" in the side of my head, near my ears, but otherwise my hair has pretty much been the same way since I was born. And when it's cut short, it still sticks up in the back. You think it'd learn!

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4 Responses to "QotD: Haircuts"

  1. Two. I used to part my hair on the right, now I'm more into the 'hair so damn short I don't need to worry about it for a month.'

  2. Two. Maybe three. There was my 10-year-old mullet phase, my awkward 15-year-old wavelike cut, and what I have now. (What's with the Gabe representation here? 🙂

  3. Seven Hair Styles

    Todays QotD is one I like: Question: How many different haircuts (styles) have you had in your lifetime? First was the curly mop that I seem to have been born...

  4. i'm really interested in my hair as every day i will always have a different hairstyle people say that iam very creative. i'm in yr 11 next yr and when i finish school i'm going to study to become the best hairdresser in the whole wide world and i'm going to do movie stars hair and famous singers i think i have alot of tallent to be a hairdresser

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