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Lesson learned today: Photoshop is a pain in the ass when you've got only a trackpad. Years ago I used a trackball to limit my RSI, and using Photoshop with that was tough enough. Only a mouse (or maybe a graphics tablet) provides the fine-tuned cursor-movin' abilities I need. The trackpad is either too sensitive or not sensitive enough, and your fingers contain far more jittery muscles than your arms. With a trackpad I worked on four images in forty minutes. With a mouse another four images took thirty.

3 Responses to "Trackpads"

  1. I'll be the first to personally recommend a graphics tablet. They rock the house. It takes a little getting used to, because you have to 'unlearn' a few habits of writing with an actual pen, but the skills you've picked up over years of using real pens are helpful for the most part, and give you a lot of control. I can't imagine going back to the mouse for doing knockouts and rubber stamping.

    The Wacom Graphire 2 is a nice tablet at a rock bottom price, so if you want to try out tablet land, you can get one with the same basic features as 'real' tablets (pressure sensitivity, wireless/batteryless stylus, eraser control on stylus, etc) for less than 100$, and have some fun. Then if you love it, you can get one of the huge Intuos tablets. 😉

  2. found your blog through a search of florida bloggers.. As for starting a group.. I think it's a great idea.. though I wouldn't know how to help, unfortunately.. other than maybe the page design. ANYway... nice layout here 🙂

  3. Yeah, don't I know it. Just making that highlight in the screenshot I just sent you was a pain in the butt. =D