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West Wing 2003 Finale

The West Wing season finale was last night. My watching buddy Dave freaked out when he saw John Goodman. Is Sheen being forced out for his political activism? I sure as hell hope not. However, I haven't heard anything to the yay or nay, so I'm not going to worry about it until I see it. However, I can say fairly safely that I can't imagine anyone but Martin Sheen doing as good a job. And John Goodman? That guy was married to Roseanne and has "starred" in how many lame comedies. I'm all for giving a guy a chance to bust out of a typecast, but c'mon! That may be stretching it just a bit.

Aside from American Idol next week, well, I guess all of my TV shows are going to be in rerun. Ed, Fastlane, West Wing, Boston Public, Mr. Sterling. What the hell am I gonna watch this summer? I don't like a lot of TV, but a few good shows here and there are nice.

3 Responses to "West Wing 2003 Finale"

  1. John Goodman's been terrific in several movies: Raising Arizona, Barton Fink and Arachnophobia among them. He was also the best thing about the Roseanne Barr show. He's a versatile and gifted actor, and isn't the one-note buffoon that you might guess he is if you've only seen King Ralph.

  2. I did like the way they shot the scenes with Goodman enterring the White House - keeping his face hidden until almost the last moment (and the Hitchcock-esque shadow on through the wall).

    I missed his name in the credits (I'm assuming it was there), so it was a nice way of introducing the character.

    I doubt they're writing Sheen out of the show. These days, news about actor comings and goings are available so many months before the relavant shows air that there's no mystery left. It's a bit of a letdown when a characters facing a difficult decision and you already know the outcome because the actor balked at signing a new contract 4 months earlier.

  3. Not to mention his maestro performance in The Big Lebowski.