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Beware of Mac:MSN

I installed MSN today thinking I might be able to sneak a peek at the next version of IE. Unfortunately, I don't feel like signing up for the two month free subscription, so I won't be doing that.

What I will be doing, however, is restoring my old versions of these fonts:

Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Andale Mono
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Arial
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Arial Black
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Arial Narrow
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Arial Rounded Bold
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Brush Script
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Century Gothic
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Comic Sans MS
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Copperplate Gothic Bold
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Copperplate Gothic Light
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Courier New
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Curlz MT
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Edwardian Script ITC
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Georgia
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Impact
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Lucida Handwriting
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Monotype Sorts
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Tahoma
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Times New Roman
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Trebuchet MS
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Verdana
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Webdings
Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Wingdings

Verdana and Arial in particular (updated to version 2.9x from version 2.6x) looked horribly screwed up, particularly in Safari (v78, v74, whatever). Luckily I back up nightly, so I was able to "roll back" my changes.

One Response to "Beware of Mac:MSN"

  1. There's a new product idea for ya: a startup item that detects any attempt to install Comic Sans on yr computer, and thwarts it.