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DirecTV Changes

I changed my DirecTV subscription today.

  1. I ditched the Playboy channel. They started charging me - I've had it free since I signed up last January or so (was it really that long ago?). So that's $16/month I wasn't paying and now won't be paying.
  2. I ditched HBO and Cinemax. $12 and $11 each. I never seem to watch much on either of those stations. I've got a whole lot of DVDs that I can watch instead.

I'll sign up (again) for NFL Sunday Ticket when they begin offering that for next year. I figure that will be soon. I retain basic channels + DirecTV "Premium Plus" ($39.99/mo, including my local channels). I also kept my $4.99/mo TiVo service charge. In short, my bill dropped from about $85 to about $45 ($12 + $11 + $16 = $39). Plus the outrageous "entertainment tax" that FL charges.

2 Responses to "DirecTV Changes"

  1. I have Plus /w local and UltimateTV service with no premiums. If I want to watch a movie, I watch iFC, which is the only movie channel worth watching to me. If I wanted to watch a movie on HBO, I'd own it on DVD now, wouldn't I?

  2. Have you ever seen the "Fl surcharge" on your restaurant bill? I think I've seen it twice now, today at Brewzzi's and I don't remember where the other one was. Maybe it was also at Brewzzi's… It was only $0.02 but it's sparked my curiosity. Seems fishy… Fish smell.