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An A for BlogShares

I was reading a few articles (like this one, called "Too Much Capital" from BlogShares news, and the thought occurred to me that BlogShares would been one helluva kick ass senior thesis project for a business and computer science person. They could have worked in tandem, developing the entire BlogShares feature set, and had a viable "product" in the end. The business person's understanding of the stock market and the CS person's understanding of the programming side of things would lead to something pretty amazing.

I'm not sure what the story behind BlogShares is, but it's an amazing piece of work regardless of the intent. I haven't gotten into it much - I don't even own shares in my own blog - and I'm worth about $15,000. I just did a stock split for no real reason - the share price was getting too high, perhaps? It's something I'd like to get into, perhaps, but I can't motivate myself to do so.

Anyway, if I were a professor, I'd give BlogShares an A.

One Response to "An A for BlogShares"

  1. I have a hard time understanding the whole purpose of the game, but I have been delving in as well hoping to understand a bit more.

    If only my stock was worth more 🙂