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Mac Browsers

How many browsers have we got now, anyway?

  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Mozilla
  3. Firebird
  4. Camino
  5. iCab
  6. Safari
  7. lynx
  8. OmniWeb
  9. Opera
  10. AOL
  11. links
  12. dillo
  13. Your mom
  14. Konqueror

Seems we're doing okay. I routinely use about three of those. Guess which three?

12 Responses to "Mac Browsers"

  1. Your Mom, Your Mom, and Safari 🙂

  2. Safari, OmniWeb, & Camino?

  3. I use Safari exclusively now, except when I have to use certificates to do stupid MIT shit, then I use Mozilla. On one hand, I'm a sucker for Apple products, I just realized that more than half the programs I use on a regular basis are simply part of OS X, I guess that says a lot for Apple actually. On the other hand, I try to use the Apple stuff because it's soooo much easier, like there are a million address book, calendar, e-mail, mp3 players, etc., but the integration is amazing.

  4. Safari, Camino, and IE?

  5. Dude. Don't forget about Con-Tiki.

  6. Oh. Mac. Nevermind.

  7. LOL. Carebear thats what most people have been saying about MS stuff since windows 98. i always find it funny when the integration arguement comes back around. wait till they try and split apple into two companies and see what that feels like.

  8. dobesov, your point is stupid. Apple didn't unfairly integrate the browser, edge out other browsers, etc. Apple is not a convicted monopolist. MS is.

  9. yet

  10. actually apple is too small of a company to ever be considered to be a monopoly, however they are very guilty or "monopolistic practices" which is exactly what microsoft came under fire for. Apple will most likely never see a day in court over the way they have tried to unfairly manipulate their platform into superiority, mostly because they have failed and remain generally insignificant to the general public. that, however, does not actually make up for their moral intercessions. So if you think that buying up companies that make cross platform software and eliminating everything but their apple ports is morally correct, you might be an apple zealot. If you think that such practices are questionable you probably have the value of the laws in mind. Even Microsoft, the evil empire, continues to support the MAC platform and heck its even still releasing halo onto it. Integration of MS software into windows got MS in trouble, so if Apple does the same thing I don’t see why it also should not be strung up for pushing out competition. Frankly… when it comes to integrating software into the OS I don’t think anyone is doing something wrong. An OS is not the blank slate idea that we held in the 1980s its not just some API to interface with hardware. Go back to 1985 and someone would probably argue that DOS coming with edit was pushing out competition in the text editing arena. So all I was saying was remember… what applies to one applies to the other. Maybe now you can at least see what it was like on the other side.

    I mean think about it. Once safari become a full fledge mature browser packaged and integrated with MAC OS, will anyone ever use those other ones… probably not, or maybe a very few backward persons who refuse to change for unreasonable idealistic reasons might keep opera or Netscape (gag) around. But most likely they will shrink back to the more generic linux platforms. That was the IE dilemma and it will be the safari one too… though most people will never notice and never really care.

    In the struggle for information freedom we are all on the same side anyway, right?

  11. Don't post here if you're going to be a goon, ok? You're spreading FUD, and I hate fudders. MS is a convicted monopolist, and Apple's never been so much as investigated. You want to remove Safari from your computer? It's very easy - drag and drop it into the trash. Remove IE from Windows (and the hundreds of other anti-competitive practicies)? Good luck.

  12. actually - in Panther the WebKit SDK (what Safari uses to render HTML) is being used to render all sorts, from the help to Mail. So they are going the same way to some extent as Microsoft did with their IE core.

    The difference is in terms of scale, as far as I see it - the IE core is now required by recent versions of Windows because Windows Explorer == Internet Explorer. Finder isn't going this way. Yet.