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My Personal Life

Hi, "reader." How are you? Good? Now grow up. Not all of you, but a select few really need to learn a little word that's spelled like this: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Heaven forbid you realize that some things here are fairly personal. They're not "private" because I've published them, but they are still very personal. Heaven forbid you act like decent human beings and respect the few meaningful relationships I've got in this world.

I don't call up anyone's "princess" and ask of her sex life with a co-worker. I don't corner any co-worker's fiancés and ask him why he's not gotten his woman a ring yet. I respect people's right to a personal life, even though I learn things about people every day, just as you might learn something about me by reading this site.

Just because you've found out about something by reading it here does not give you the right to pass about rumors. It does not give you the right to ask "personal" questions in non-personal situations. It sure as hell doesn't give you the right to disrespect another human being or put them in a bad situation.

I guess the downside to having high standards for yourself and others is that you're constantly let down. My faith in the general decency and common sense of the human race took a blow today. Thanks.