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QotD: Sleeping In

Question: What's the latest you ever slept in?

My Answer: One time I left college on a Friday at about 1pm. As I drove home, I became increasingly tired. I could barely unpack the car when I arrived home at 6pm and promptly went to bed. I got up to use the restroom once or twice, and awoke at 11am! As I walked around I wondered where my family was. I look at the VCR and realized they were at school and work… because it was Monday.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Sleeping In"

  1. I slept for a good 24 hours. I had my wisdom teeth out and was in insane amounts of pain after a few days, and couldn't sleep a wink for two nights. Went back to the doc, and he gave me some kind of weird dressing for the holes. I went to sleep and didnt wake up until that next afternoon. Damn good sleep.

  2. Nine hours. I was never much a marathon sleeper.

  3. I slept around 20 hours once in high school when I was very sick. It's a strange experience to go to sleep around 7:00pm and wake up in the afternoon.. 🙂