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Survivor Wrapups and Jenna Morasca (.com)

I'm from Pennsylvania. My favorite teams in the NHL, NFL, and MLB all start with the word "Pittsburgh." As such, I'm happy that Jenna won Survivor 6 (though Matt and Rob each deserved it more and "played better," I felt). It was interesting to find this site today: The best quote from their weekly water cooler Survivor redux has to be this one:

Finally, it was time to vote, and everyone scrawled their choice on the parchment. Jeff Probst immediately grabbed the box o' votes and sprinted into the woods where he kept his jet ski, which apparently has the world's largest fuel tank in it. Probst then embarked on a 4,000 mile, 4-month jet ski ride which he began in the dark. We should also mention he was also pragmatically wearing dockers for this trip.

Survivor fans probably also know about the existence of from Season 2.

2 Responses to "Survivor Wrapups and Jenna Morasca (.com)"

  1. I live not too far from South Fayette and not too far from Beaver County (isn't Amber from Center or something?)

    Not that I could pick either one of them out in a crowd. Beside the photos on their sites, that was the first time I've seen either of them.

  2. This is for Jenna. First I am very sorry about yer mom. I am an author who happens to be cousin to Rob U Know Who. You keep up the way that you are and you will have a great fulfilling life ahead. Thanks for a great survivor year.

    Bob D.