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WebKit Out?

Is WebKit out? The [ed:deleted] guy seems to think so [ed: link removed]. Jeff pointed me at that entry minutes ago, yet I can't find any indication on Apple's developer Web site that the WebKit SDK is available. I've got a software seed key and everything. Perhaps this guy can clarify?

Update: removed identifying information at the request of the one named.

9 Responses to "WebKit Out?"

  1. The WebKit is available to registered developers. It's still beta. If you are a registered developer, you can get it from

  2. Yeah, I sure don't see it. Do you have to have the high-end ADC account to get it, or will us "Select" people be able to?

  3. I'm a Select developer as well, with seed keys to go around. Must only be out for Premier members then, I guess. Confirmation?

  4. I also contacted him about this… there's supposed to be a "Safari" category under the Downloads menu, which I guess only shows up for Premier developers (I'm also Select). But I know it's ok to share NDA-licensed ADC seed software with other people under the NDA, regardless of the type of membership of either people, as long as they both agreed to the NDA. I'm asking him about this.

  5. "the": I don't think that's right at all. Premier members and online members get the same NDA when they sign up. Also, internally at Apple 'corporate,' the QA engineers and marketing folks get the same NDA as people working on next generation hardware.

    The important part of all of this is "Need to Know." I work on some software, and I don't need to know about anything else going on in the company - except some hardware specific to my software. I am not allowed to know anything else, and if someone was like "Hey, check out this 'Safari' thing!" before Safari was released, they would be in trouble.

    Same thing for ADC. Top level ADC members get nice yummy OS builds, more SDKs, etc. They aren't allowed to turn around and put them all on some website and say "You can only download these if you have an online account at ADC, since we all signed the same NDA." New builds and SDKs have secret info that should only be seen by a select few, not "everyone who has signed the NDA."

    Just my 2 cents 🙂

  6. Ok, thanks for clarifying that. I mistakenly got that from the part of the PLCA that says,

    You agree not to disclose, publish, or disseminate Confidential Information to anyone other than (a) those of your employees and contractors with a demonstrable need to know who have binding, written, confidentiality obligations to you that protect such Confidential Information against unauthorized disclosure, or (b) other employees and contractors working for the same entity as you who have themselves entered into a Prototype License and Confidentiality Agreement with Apple including any appendices or additional licenses accompanying the Prototype.

    I just didn't notice the parts that had to do with only sharing the software with people in the same company.

  7. The WebKit SDK is still in pre-release phase. I'm sorry if I riled some people up, but be patient, it will be available soon. I just happened to be able to test this pre-release version.

  8. Looks like somebody jumped the gun :-)! I guess this just clinches it, though: I need to get myself one of those high end ADC accounts :-).

  9. My employer is a Premier ADC member (which is why I'm going to WWDC 🙂

    I checked the ADC account, and even though it has a seeding key, no WebKit downloads are available.