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OneWord: Box

I've often wondered why "box" can refer to part of a woman. Well, "often" isn't quite right. Sometimes. Women, though, are the unboxiest gender. Women are curvy, not rigid and full of right angles. Silly! Of course, "box" typically doesn't refer to, uhh, that, but instead to packing and shipping and "yay, I got something I ordered in the mail!" and to "toys" as in "toybox" and whatnot.

This 60-second entry was brought to you by today's word from OneWord™.

2 Responses to "OneWord: Box"

  1. I think it is referred to as a box not because it is angular and "boxy", but because you put something in it...

  2. The information I have is strictly hearsay. however....

    I've been told that 'box' (as it pertains to a woman) is a shorted version of 'liver box.' The story goes that old sailors or army men (the teller didn't know) would construct boxes filled with liver. The boxes had a hole on one and and were used a an early man's masturbation device by simulation a vagina.

    Unfortunately I can't find a reference to such a story online, but I didn't try very hard.