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Chalk another one up to the iTunes Music Store: I've bought my fourth track from the store. It's Live's exclusive "Heaven (Acoustic Version)" from their new Birds of Pray album. I didn't even know Live had a new album coming out until I received an email called "New Music Tuesdays" from Apple this morning. After listening to the 30-second previews, and contemplating the purchase of the album at $9.99 (13 tracks), I decided to buy buy the physical album from a store. I own every Live album, and they're one of maybe four bands for which I don't need to hear any new music to buy new albums.

I first trekked to Wal-Mart. It was 8am after all, and they were open. The uni-brow dude working in the music section had no idea that there was a band named "Live" and kept telling me that they didn't have a special section for live music. He said "we don't put new music out until about 9am when a manager gets in." I looked for halogen lamp bulbs (they had none) and decided to go to Target.

I walked slowly past the music section at Target, and saw one busy employee nearby, and decided to ask him after finding the halogen bulbs. I found one nearby and returned to the music section where I saw the same employee walking into the back room. Nearby I saw a 26-ish guy who looked like a Live fan. I asked "did you send him back to get an album?" He said yes, and I confirmed that it was Birds of Pray. Sometimes your hunches about people are right.

While the Target employee searched for the album, he and I chatted. He mentioned the show Live put on at FAU recently (damn, I missed it! I gotta go sign up for Live's mailing list if they have one - nope?!) and how they'd done three songs from this album. I talked about how I'd listened to them on the iTunes Music Store, and already gotten the acoustic version of "Heaven." I noted that Live is one of the few rock bands that could probably do all of their songs acoustic and still sound good. As a parting shot, I mentioned how I'd been to Wal-Mart, and he said "yeah, I work at Wal-Mart, but I always shop at Target." I grinned.

The employee came back, and I sent him back to get a copy for me as well. He returned and I noted that the price was $14.99 - $5 more than the iTunes store. But wait! It's a two-disc album, and the second disc is a DVD containing live Live performances (I did that on purpose). Nice!

I walked out of Target with a copy of Spirited Away on DVD too. Josh has been recomm I see this movie for so long the $19.99 didn't hurt too bad. If I don't like it, well, I'll just not trust Josh's recommendation anymore. 🙂

All told, this day was a "win" for the iTunes Music Store. New music showed up in the store on the day of its release. The email alerted me to it, and I purchased both virtual (the exclusive track) and physical (the CD/DVD) copies of music I like. I also snagged the exclusive Movie the ITMS has for Live. Can you guess what album will be seen frequently on my Recent iTunes page today?

9 Responses to "Live"

  1. Heh. I already grabbed the acoustic track as well 🙂

    I was this close to buying the whole album before I decided to check a few online circulars. Worst Buy's advertising it for a few bucks more than ITMS, but they're also claiming they have the bonus disc. I'll grab it on the way home from work.

    Worst Buy lives up to it's name, though. New music comes out on Tuesday. Their $9.99 specials (which I consider the impulse buy range for CDs) are only Sunday and Monday. Not as bad as the hypocrits at Wal-Mart (worked there for a summer, but my therapist says I've recovered), but damn annoying.

  2. Ha, "I didn't even know Live had a new album coming out" was almost exactly what I said, but my story is more boring than yours, because it ends with me going to sleep.

  3. Yeah definitely an artist to like. I too would own all of their cd's (though V was in my opinion their worst album to date) if some joker hadn't stolen my cd's a couple years ago.

  4. Most religious lyrics in a Live to date - which is saying a lot if you are familar with their typical imagery. Lots of post 9/11 references... which is a subject many of the other major rock acts have avoided .. some throwing one song here and there but with no real purpose.

  5. I'm the same way with Queensrÿche. Or Nine Inch Nails. I just know it will be good.

  6. I'm confused. Maybe this is good for the intent of the iTunes store, but it also shows that you choose a hardcopy with liner notes etc over a 9.99 folder of AAC's. How does that reflect on Apple?

  7. It reflects well. Without Apple, I'd have not:

    Bought an exclusive single from Apple.Seen a free movie.Bought the CD/DVD.Been able to recommend the CD to others with a "go listen to the previews."

    In other words, just because Apple only made bank on $0.99 does not mean it was not "good for them." My attitude towards the ITMS improved (they had music I wanted the day it came out - and some exclusive tracks at that), not that it was below "great" before. Furthermore, the "music industry" got a sale from me they might not otherwise have gotten, again because of the ITMS. What's good for the recording industry right now is ultimately good for the ITMS and then us, as consumers of music.

  8. I found out about the new album about two months ago. The suspense has been killing me, but man, was it worth it. I can't believe this album. It's an extremely close race, but I think Pray may actually edge out Throwing Copper for me.

    I was really surprised to hear Vinay say that he didn't like V. It's in my top three. I didn't like Samadhi much (great music -- not a fan of the lyrics), but some I know call it their favorite. I dig what you're saying about how well they pull off acoustic.

    The Heaven acoustic single is currently #7 in the iTunes Music Store, btw.

    - Scott

  9. Can anyone please tell me what happened to the

    lead singer in the "live" band in the early 90's

    I think his name was john...would really appreciate any information.