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“Classic” Knowledge

As I do some reading today, two things strike me as amazing:

  1. How much I knew about Mac OS 7/8/9 at one point in time.
  2. How much of that knowledge has been shoved out the window by Mac OS X knowledge.

I haven't had "Classic" installed on my computers since shortly after Mac OS X 10.0 shipped. I've used Mac OS X as my "boot" operating system since Public Beta. It's just over two years old, yet my memories of Mac OS 9 feel soooooo dusty.

4 Responses to "“Classic” Knowledge"

  1. Classic? Oh yeah, that.

    So I actually fired up today, for the first time in a very long time. Why? Well, I was playing around with Bernie ][ the Rescue, the very cool Apple IIgs emulator for the Classic Mac OS. I...

  2. Wow, really strange that you write this and today, I'm forced to install and use OS 9 to resurrect an OS X Server machine.

    We'll see how much of that knowledge is retained.

  3. It just seems that so much OS 9 knowledge is irrelevant now. There are no extensions anymore, no chooser, no fixed program memory sizes, etc. Instead you get multiple users, permissions, all of Unix, and a bunch of other fun things, as well as fewer crashes. I honestly can't remember the last time a program crashed on my computer that wasnt made by Microsoft. Aside from that day I tried to delete 8,000 pictures from probably 5,000 different folders, it didn't like that.

  4. actually, the only crashes i have in OS9 are from microsoft apps. namely, IE and word.