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Down Came the Spider

Father Time and Mother Nature must really be getting it on today. Well, that or she saw me take a bath last night and can't get the image out of her head, because she's orgasming like crazy in southern Florida today. Rain so thick you can barely see 100 feet has been coming down for the better part of an hour or two now, and it's been raining heavily all day.

I love the rain. I really do. I think my mind is capable of learning more when it's raining, making such days a great day to stay in, curl up, and teach myself a new programming language (or study this material I've got to know for tomorrow's certification).

3 Responses to "Down Came the Spider"

  1. "Mother nature orgasming like crazy" - even with the explanatory link this conjures up all kinds of disturbing images in my head.

  2. The impetus of Florida rain is delightful, but when the aqueous onslaught comes to pause ripening mangos glow like pink stars under a ubiquitous cloud dome. It seems natural to engage with the rain at such moments, and best to do so in an unorthodox fashion; so, I grabbed an umbrella and abandoned my shoes for a mid-may frolic under the sticky-sweet terrestrial sphere. Mmm- wet bliss. Much more appealing than the indoor option: wiggling my toes under the drizzle of a leaky skylight. I highly recommend the former.

  3. You guys are gonna make me miss my childhood. I already have the image of frogs on the windows and big bloated earthworms on the ground dancing in my head.