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QotD: Old Extensions

Question: What was your favorite "old" Mac OS extension or control panel?

My Answer: Easily the Oscar the Grouch extension, man! "I love it, becauuuuse, it's trash!" and "I loooooooooove trash" were my anthems. Well, they were cute, anyway, and I still find myself singing the notes when I empty trash from my current Macs.

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12 Responses to "QotD: Old Extensions"

  1. Think my favorite was the one that got installed one weekend that played marco polo using apple talk and the built in mic and speakers... One computer would yell marco and the others would reply polo - then pass the token over apple talk to the next marco on the network... Gotta love Mac Hack

  2. Mouse Odometer of course, because it was the first piece of "real" software I ever wrote! Mmmmm, THINK C!


  3. Talking Moose!

  4. Oh man I had a dream about The Grouch extension last night!

  5. There was this great extension that helped password protect your computer. It did have one "minor" problem. You could disable it by simply holding down the shift (?) key and disabling extensions. Doh. Every time that I walked around the dorm and saw that program it just made me laugh.

  6. Old Mac Extensions

    In college a friend and I were known around campus as the Mac Macs. It was 1995/1996 and I worked

  7. This extension called "Gravité." With the touch of a hotkey, it made icons behave as though gravity was acting upon, and you could fling them across the screen. Man, that was a riot.

  8. oh man, oscar brings back the memories.

  9. 2003/05/23 21:25

    Old Extensions

  10. There was an extension around system 7 that allowed you to shoot your screen. Hit some key combo and the cursor turned into a gun site. Click the mouse button and boom, bullet holes and blood. I can't remember the name of it right now, but it was a nice relaxer.

  11. I love trash!


  12. Kaliedoscope

    My Classic OS was looking good back in the day!