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I'm not interested in TypePad for myself or my friends - they'll continue to use my server for their blogs, I imagine - but it is interesting to note that their screenshos are all Mac OS X. I've always thought that MovableType was one of the most well-designed "quasi-open source" software around - my friends don't have any trouble picking it up - and that Mena, Ben, and Anil's taste for design includes Mac OS X is a nice thumbs up.

4 Responses to "TypePad"

  1. It's very sexy. Ben and Mena have iBooks I think... That probably explains it. There are more Mac users in A-list blogging than one would first think.

    I think I'd recommend TypePad to someone starting out as it has the photo album thing. Probably less hand holding too.

  2. Does anyone know if there will be a self-hosted version of TypePad? Or more to the point, if the photoblog features will make their way into an MT at some point?

    Currently doing a photoblog in MT is a bit of a hack...

  3. Anon — according to Anil Dash, one of the Six Apart team members, as many of the TypePad features as are feasible will be rolled into MovableType Pro, and I wouldn't be surprised to see at least a few of them make it into the free version of MT, too.

  4. Anil's not a huge OS zealot either way, but he's a big fan of WinXP and not terribly into OS X. From talking to him, his general opinion is that you should use the OS you know best, and that's Windows in his case.