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Bad Test UI

bad_test_checkbox.gifToday I took a test that included a question similar to the one at right. I initially chose A and C, but then considered B. I think the question actually said "choose all correct answers."

Of course, then the thought struck me that, since these were checkboxes and not radio buttons, I should technically check every box, A, B, C, and D. Right?

So here I am, taking a test, and I get into a ten minute argument with myself over what choice is proper in this situation. In the end, I think I chose A and C only, but had B been correct, I'm quite sure I'd have spent another fifteen minutes (the time I had left at the end of the test) mulling the possibilities over in my mind.

2 Responses to "Bad Test UI"

  1. It definetly couldn't be C. A and B stand on their own but "Here's Another" isn't a good answer to a question. 😉

  2. Unfortunately most tests now seem to rely on reading the question correctly versus actually testing your knowledge. Obtuse wording and poor design is used intentionally to confuse the test-taker.