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QotD: Test

Question: What testing experience stands out most in your mind (for whatever reason)?

My Answer: One time, waiting for homeroom (thus: my high school era) I found out from Stephanie that we had an experimental bio final that day. She'd studied for 25 hours! I, uhhh, I forgot we had a final that day and had yet to study. The test was 110 questions. I got a 103, and the next highest was an 87 (not Stephanie). She literally turned around and hit me when she found out that the curve had been set at 103 by the guy who hadn't studied. (The curve was later adjusted to 90 or something, netting me several useless bonus points.) I'm not sure why I remember this test the most - as proof of what you can do it if you don't put your mind to anything? 🙂

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One Response to "QotD: Test"

  1. I would have to go with taking an SAT II Math, and not studying the first time. I got a 550.

    I took it again, after studying for over a month. I got another 550.