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The Little Annoyances of Life

I walked out to my car after visiting Circuit City today as an old woman was getting out of her car next to me. She didn't see me (my car is taller than I am, from her angle anyway, and my glass is tinted). She didn't see me as she put the latest Circuit City newpaper insert into the windshield wiper well of my car. You know, because the nearest trash can was four feet out of her path to the door. She gave me a surprised look when she saw me sitting in my car (no doubt the sound of the door shutting clued her in) but left the flyer in my windshield. I rolled down my window, looked at her as she walked in, and said "You're stereotypically fond of calling my generation 'lazy' but that's been the single rudest, laziest thing I've seen this year." She continued walking into the store. I got out, grabbed the flyer, and threw it away.

Then as I left, I wanted to make a right at an intersection. The car in front of me, however, had other ideas, and simply refused to pull the two feet forward it would have been necessary for me to slip by. This light is excruciatingly annoying for about sixty seconds. Fortunately, I am able to let go of this angst quickly,but it remains quite frustrating while it's happening.

I was going to write more, but some other things came up today. I did learn that my downstairs neighbor was named "Brian." I think. He's a manager at Circuit City (I've known that for awhile).