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Common Sense = “Big Thinker”

I don't write about some things because I consider them common sense. For example, a post detailing the effects of calling someone a bad name would be pretty silly.

Apparently, though, this qualifies as high thought in some circles. You know, those A-List circles. Tom Coates' article (linked to right before) is, to me, common sense. Anyone who's been blogging and visits more than four sites probably already knows what he's "espoused." He may think he's making one of those "major impact initial posts" but I think he's simply taking up space.

The only useful thing in the entire document is a mini-tutorial on using a few different features of OmniGraffle.

5 Responses to "Common Sense = “Big Thinker”"

  1. Hmm. Well to be honest, I kind of feel the same way. I pretty much thought it was self-explanatory too, but evidently a lot of other people didn't, which is why I had to write it down! I think the point might be not that we should always say things that are cutting edge and brilliant, but also that we should annotate some of the stuff that seems obvious to us, but doesn't seem obvious to other people. In that piece I tried to be as methodical as I could be in explaining it to people who haven't yet made the connection (and I think you can see that there are still some people who haven't made the connection, because some of the comments about the article (both positive and negative) still seem to have missed the point a bit... Thanks for your comments though...

  2. 2003/05/28 10:13

    Common sense eq big thinker

  3. Fair enough response, Tom. I can agree with that.

  4. On parallels with academic citation networks...

    As ever when I've written something long and vaguely serious, I can't think of anything to talk about for days afterwards. I have to say that I've been generally pretty delighted to the reaction Discussion and Citation in the Blogosphere

  5. Couldn't find the reference, but common sense thinking should be taught and applied to books for the three levels of education. The politicians in government and education are not getting the job done.