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.SIT to .DMG

Today I unstuffed (several hundred megabytes) of data from .sit and .sitx archives and rearchived them as .dmg archives. StuffIt Deluxe offers one nice feature that Disk Copy doesn't: the ability to extract a single file without expanding the whole archive (similar to "mounting" the whole DMG). I won't always have StuffIt Deluxe and sometimes I'm not even sure why I have it now. Most of the time. And that percentage is rising.

The time for DropStuff/Deluxe has passed. I find myself using .tgz on the command line for files I know to be safe (i.e. those without resource forks). StuffIt Expander will continue to be useful for at least a little while, but for now, .dmg is the way I intend to go.

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  1. Why .DMG is Good

    NSLog makes mention of re-archiving .sit files as .dmg files, something I've been doing since before I moved to OS X, using .img on OS 9.

    He makes mention of not ha...

  2. alias tgz 'tar -czf'


  3. Yes, DMG compresses a bit less than StuffIt, but it's really much faster to compress and expand. In fact, I'm not sure if the smaller size of StuffIt archives, and thus the shorter download time, justify the tremendously longer expansion.

  4. 2003/05/28 10:11

    NSLog on archiving

  5. I seriously dislike most dmg files. All but the newest and fanciest ones will mount on my desktop as a drive, forcing me to (a) copy whatever I want to keep of their contents elsewhere (b) unmount the mounted and (c) get rid of the disk image files.

    Compare this to getting a Stuffit or tgz archive and running it through Stuffit, you'll only need step (a).

    This makes mounting disk images very undesirable in my eyes. I never saw the point of them.

  6. Sven, you're missing the point. I don't want to get rid of them - they're for archival purposes. Why would I want the archive to go away?

  7. Re: Pros and Cons of .dmg

    I still use DropStuff (part of Stuffit Lite) for temporarily archiving installed applications or data files, but I agree with Erik that .dmg is the best way for archiving things. Regarding software distribution, my experience is that most users also wa...

  8. hey okay.. i know this may sound stupid, but im a newb at this. i want to know how to open a dmg file on mac os 9x so that i can run the mac os X (10) which has the ending file name of .dmg .... is there a certain program i shoould use to open this or is there a simple way.. can someone please help me id really appreciate it.. alright

    bye, and thanks to anyone that will help me!:)

  9. Laszlo: there's a beta of Disk Copy for Mac OS 9 floating around the web (mostly on warez servers), which is able to do that. It's version 5.6b11 or something like that.

  10. I have xp home edition and I don't know how to use disk copy or how to mount it or what. Can you help me in dummie terms?

  11. Leonard: There's no way to open a dmg file on Windows (other than using a Mac emulator), you need a Mac for that.

  12. Hi guys. I'm don't know how to launch a dmg file from limewire. Does anyone know the answer

  13. i want to know how to open *.dmg files i have downloaded some file and this is in *.dmg format and i would like to know how to open this files.

  14. hello can anyone tell me how i can retrieve data from a dmg file format in windows xp.

    i saw someone write its impossible. but he also mention we need emulator or some software... but i have no idea what is emulator and where can i get this emulator and then how i can retrieve data using emulator.

    please help me guys?


  15. need to see if some know how to mount a dmg file that says no mountable files systems.????

  16. I was searching the 'Net to see if there was a way to open up a .dmg image file on a Windows machine and came upon this website.

    I've come across a solution that I thought I'd share with you as this page came up when doing a Google search for "+windows +.dmg" (not in quotes, of course).

    I was informed that Nero could Burn a .dmg file if you forced it to.

    And then I got to thinking...

    "If Nero could burn it, why shouldn't Daemon Tools recognise it?"

    Guess what - It does!

    You can mount the .dmg file to a virtual drive using Daemon Tools and then extract the files that way - or just use the virtual drive to access the files. All you have to do is choose "All Files (*.*)" from the "Files of type:" dropdown and then select the .dmg file to mount.

    And they said it couldn't be done!

  17. how do i open an dmg file?

  18. Hi all,

    Having the same problem - reading then burning a .dmg image on an XP Pro system. This can be done pretty easily now with the newest (beta) version of ISOBuster -

    Open the .dmg file in ISOBuster, right click on the top line "CD" in the left pane, choose "Extract CD ", then choose "RAW (*.bin, *.iso)".

    You are then prompted for a "Save As" name. Be sure to type in the name of your choice and ADD ".bin" to the end of the name (no quotes of course).

    Processing will begin immediately and when it is complete you are prompted to save a ".cue" file as the same name. This is optional but helpful.

    I then used Alcohol 120% to burn the image to a CD-R on my XP Pro system.

  19. Hello everyone. I am new at this at want to know if I need to install OS X before I install os X.3... If so, where could I get OS X. Any help would be great. Thanks

  20. open DMG files in Windows using the command line:

  21. Daemon tools won't open a compressed dmg file, unfortunately... even simple ISOBuster won't do it (I think - speaking from experience) - ISOBuster Pro is need to decompress the data...

    ...still hunting for an easy way to do this...

  22. Ultra ISO did it for me, thanks to those who pointed me in to the right direction, hope this helps someone else.

  23. I'm currently on XP. I have a dmg file in my C:/ drive now. I wish to burn it onto a cd. What and how should i go about doing it. and what software do i neeD? i intend to intall the dmg file into my ibook. i just need a medium for it. Thanks!

  24. Daemon tools won't open a compressed dmg file, unfortunately... even simple ISOBuster won't do it (I think - speaking from experience) - ISOBuster Pro is need to decompress the data...

    Nope. ISOBuster Pro doesn't work either. It can extracting the data but that is futile seeing as it'll still be compressed and thus unreadable. Even converting to a ISO/BIN file won't work. Sure doing so enable you to burn the image to a CD but Windows or OS 9 still won't recognise it. You can mount compressed DMG images with Daemon tools but again Windows won't recognise what's been mounted and just chucks out an error.

    Basically there's currently absdolutely no way to decompress a compressed DMG on Windows. The same goes for Mac OS 9.

  25. i have a file that is a game and unfortunately its a DMG.File and when i try to open it it won't reconize any programs to run it through.. so is there any program(s) that i could open the file with???

  26. I have the same problem on my mac Powerbook G4 OS 10.2.8
    This has only started recently. Before dmg files opened without a problem.

    .dmg files won' mount
    error message: no mountable file systems

    Who can help?

  27. There isn't no way to decompress .dmg archives bescause you are stupid in the first place and you download it

  28. You may expand .dmg under Windows with utility, named "UFS Explorer" (
    Looks like it supports both compressed .dmg and HFS there...

  29. Does anybody know how to transfer a .dmg file that is 6gb from windows xp. I have a . dmg file and i want to transfer. But i keep getting a msg that say desitnation drive full and it is a far from full it 30gb drive and only has 1 gb of files on it. Are there any compression tools I could use to transfer it so that I able to transfer on to my portable drive. I was also wonder if it is at all possible to install LEOPARD OS on a Vitual Machine that is on a windows xp based system?

  30. hi, i just got my mac book a few days ago. and i have convert my sitx. file into dmg. file but i still cant open it in my window. how can i open it?