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QotD: Room Temperature

Question: What is room temperature?

My Answer: Where I grew up (in Pennsylvania) room temperature was 68 degrees. In Florida, I keep my A/C at 68 and everyone freezes. Apparently "room temperature" is about 76 down here. Who knew?

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14 Responses to "QotD: Room Temperature"

  1. I've always felt that room temperature wasn't a specific amount, but the temperature at which the room currently is, hence its name.

    I mean, if 68 or 76 is room temperature and it's not 68 or 76 degrees in the room, it isn't room temperature after all, is it? 🙂

  2. My preferences are based on season. In the summer months I like to keep it at 68. In winter I have to have it in the lower 70s. I refuse to use anything in the fall and spring. I like to enjoy the day to day changes.

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  4. I tend to run hot…very hot. My second home is a local supermarket where I like to lounge in the freezer aisle (well, mostly in the ice cream section.) A museum where I was previously employed was heaven; permanent collection kept at 63 deg. F (t-shirt), exhibition space at 68 (tank-top). When using a laptop in the perm. (how I miss the fortified abyss) I would adjust the temp to 58 (cardigan). Most rooms contain something of value, actual or sentimental, the deterioration rate of which may increase with temperature. Additionally, less-than-desirable organisms tend to flourish in higher temperatures. I say, keep it at 65 with low relative humidity. If human comfort is compromised add clothing!

  5. I'd say that anywhere between 68 and 72 is about right. Of course, I grew up in an area (in southern California, within a mile of the ocean) where it's almost always nice outside during the daytime, so we didn't have AC and only ran the furnace at night in the winter. So room temperature pretty much depended on what it was outside.

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  8. Room temperature is relative to what temperature a person feels comforatable at. This temperature will vary from season to season. Example: In the summer your body is used to a higher temperature and 75 will feel comfortable, on the other hand, in the winter you are more accustomed to colder temperature's and 68 will feel comfortable.

  9. Room temperature should be 68, Im finding it hard to adjust where I work now, they state that room temp is 70-74 and I find myself sweating over 70. Im in Rye, NY.

  10. Room temperature in my bedroom is currently about 48, yes its cold. But I live in Ireland,and the house is cold and damp and 120 years old with no central heating. I survive with plenty of food (to create a layer of blubber on the body) 2 kingsize duvets and a hotwaterbottle. Of course when i wake in the morning, my nose is frequently red and cold, being the most exposed part, like Rudolph. The worst part is getting out of bed in the mornings and getting dressed, but at least im not adding to global warming as bad as some, by burning fossil fuels. (apart from boiling water for my hotwaterbottle) If some of you americans took a leaf out of my book maybe we wouldnt be starting to experience climate changes here in Ireland. There's nothing wrong with wearing a few extra layers you know.

  11. In Alaska room temp is considered to be 70 degrees


  13. Room temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit, which is equivalent to 20 degrees Celsius.
    It was picked as a standard for materials that shrink or grow based on their temperature, such as metals. These materials are considered at their nominal size at 20 degrees Celsius. The actual size of materials can be accurately calculated when you multiply a materials “expansion coefficient” by the number of degrees above or below 20 degrees Celsius.

  14. Im from New Jersey, and in Highschool I took an earth science coarse (05-06) where we learned room temperature was btw 68-72. If the weather is below 70 degrees outside, you should put your heater on, and above 70= ac, and at 70 degrees you need nothing.
    Which i guess makes sence since we were taught 68-72 = room temp cuz that averages to 70