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I sometimes think that I could be a weatherman extraordinaire. When I was 15, 16, and up I could accurately predict the weather - temperatures, rainfall, etc. for about 24 hours. I spent about ten hours a day at a golf course, though, so I simply chalked it up to familiarity.

I guess I'm becoming familiar with Florida, then. The normal 2 or 3pm rain came today at 1pm, and I predicted it as I sat eating my stromboli at a new pizza place Gabe discovered. He also told me that the sandwich place I've been meaning to try since last June has two cute Spanish gals working in it, giving me another reason - beyond my mother's recommendation - to go there.

I'm home instead of, well, instead of "not home" right now so I may go rock climbing later. I'm still waiting for an important phone call, and hopefully that will arrive before I have to decide whether I'm going to be spiderman again today. I predict a hot evening, which always makes rock climbing less enjoyable, but it's been - e gads! - a month since we last went. We really need to get down there again.

One Response to "Weatherman"

  1. Perhaps the 'cute Spanish gals' were the reason for your mom's recommendation...