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A Stone’s Throw

Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw an Andrew Stone:

In all likelihood, this is the last of Andrew Stone's weblog entries I will ever read. I'm tired of listening to him insult and belittle long-time Mac developers who have done and are doing much more for the platform than Andrew Stone has ever done. Seriously, Andrew, show a little respect.

I love Cocoa. I love it. I avoid Carbon as much as possible… for my own development. I'm a Cocoa developer, goshdarnit, and I'm glad to have such a wonderful framework with which to work. But y'know what? I'm not sure what I'd do without BBEdit, Finder, Entourage, Photoshop, etc. - all Carbon apps.

Why can't we just be grateful to have two wonderful frameworks/APIs - frameworks/APIs that can share and borrow from each other? Why must we, errr, Andrew Stone continue to put down Carbon? Eric Blair may have given up reading Andrew Stone's blog, but I can safely say I've only read it once, awhile back, and probably won't again.

2 Responses to "A Stone’s Throw"

  1. What changed :-)?

  2. I only have two regrets about giving up StoneLog. First, I like reading Mac developer weblogs and supporting those who write them. If you market is such that you can write about your products and development cycles, great. I know that's not always the case, so I was happy when I saw that Stone Design had a weblog with an RSS feed. After reading the periodic entries, my feelings have changed.

    Secondly, it was rather simple to come up with entry names when I wrote about Stone inserting foot into mouth. 🙂 I was originally going to title my post "Stoned," but then I remembered John Gruber already used that one.