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Geek Test

Who has the time to take The Geek Test? Apparently some people do. Me? I'm going to save myself some time and estimate that I am 42% geek. There, isn't that just as effective?

I lose big points on the sci fi section (don't care about Star Trek or Tolkien or Magic the Gathering). Those are traits I'd put on dorks, not geeks. Geek is chic, dork is not. Nerd is a different variety altogether, as is dweeb.

15 Responses to "Geek Test"

  1. It was either take the geek test or do some laundry. Guess which won?

    You know, you gain at least 5 points for categorizing the difference between a geek, dork and dweeb. 😉

  2. I'm a dork because I love Tolkien's work for what it is - literature? I don't care about the rest of that stuff, but I hate to see Tolkien lumped in there in that manner.

  3. I just took the test, I don't know why. Obviously it isn't very accurate considering that I only got 12.8 percent. I think I'm a bigger geek than that. 😛

  4. Only 20% for me. Must be my dislike of most geeky things other than computers and video games. Oh well. The female friend will be happy.

  5. I think I will one day reach geekiness. My wife is always hinting of the too much time I spend in front of my wee iBook.

  6. 25% here. I'm not surprised. And I just realised I ripped your badges off completely. Oops.

  7. 33.3%. Of the things you listed, only Star Trek would have gotten you substantial points, and even then, not that many ... Magic only really had one question related to it(and is a fine game, thank you very much) and Tolkein was only 2 or 3.


  8. I got 30%. I was hurt bad by the fact that I don't watch any tv regularily any more.. and with a terriable memory I can't remeber 5+ dwarf names from LOTR. 🙂

    For some reason I don't think you'll get 45 eric.

  9. Looks like I get to pull up the group average, 39.25%. I thought it was going to be a bit higher. Guess my hatred of star trek and liking sports dragged me down. Wasn't really geared toward a mac geek either. Start adding in questions like "have you ever debated how to pronounce 'Jaguar'? difference when talking about the OS, car company, and animal?" and the scores would start going through the roof.

  10. That test sucks. So many of those things are just stereotypical, but no real person actually does them! Anyway, I got like 20%.

  11. Geek Test

    I got this url: for a geek test from NSLog() ( Yes, I took the time and I did the test and it turnes out that I am a geek; but only with 16.37081%. I thought I would score...

  12. 34.5% and change here. I was happy. 🙂

    The "I like to... watch Food TV/Gameshow Network" question strike anyone else as really out of place? Do a high proportion of geeks really watch Food TV? (I hope they don't watch the Gameshow Network.)

  13. only 9.57 % geek

    I rule

    I also hate geeks

  14. I love dweebs

    do u have any dweeb badges?

  15. Actually, you don't have to be a dweeb or nerd or dork to enjoy MTG or Star Trek, but I do agree that the test puts too much emphasis on those things; it seems the test is a little more into the area of nerds than of geeks, and yes there's an important difference. Geeks don't have to be socially inept, to me Geek means something more of *choosing* to focus your time onm things besides social interaction - most especially things like intellectual betterment (learning, or leisure activities that require a certain degree of mental activity) - not necessarily because you're socially inept, but more ebcause it's just not a priority.

    I like the Jargon file's thoughts on the subject:

    Although I think its definition of 'nerd' could be fleshed out a little more.

    (p.s., quoting the jargon file definitely gives at least a +5 bonus to geekiness 😉 )