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QotD: Checks

Question: What's on your checks?

My Answer: I've got "nature" scenes - mountains, plains, forests, deserts - and the line "Whoever dies with the most money wins." Of course, I don't believe that - that's the point. Ahhh, sarcasm.

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8 Responses to "QotD: Checks"

  1. Checks? How archaic. It's all about the Visa Checkcard 🙂

  2. Buggs bunny cartoons... right above the signature line says 'another hare brained purchase' - made my real estate agent chuckled when I gave him my initial down payment for my house on one of those!

  3. What's a check?

  4. I've got Simpsons myself. I know childish, but I cna't help it.

  5. QotD: Checks

    Question of the Day: What's on your checks? Sadly, not only are my checks incredibly plain but they have my old apartment address on them. I've been out of that place for over a year now. This QofD is originates from Erik. You are encouraged to answer ...

  6. SInce the invention of the check-card, I have never used a check, personally. My wife likes to handle all the bill-paying, so she writes checks. However, I always ask her why we just don't use online bill-pay and never use checks again.

  7. I don't even know? It's been a while since I looked. I think it's just default. Nothing fancy. My check card is marble toned which IMHO is really tacky (the bank didn't seem to like hearing that from me though).

  8. I've got the Bugs Bunny checks, too.