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I returned to PA with little excitement - exactly what you want when travelling by airplane. After all, excitement would typically involve a problem, right? I arrived, I waited forever to get my luggage (I was one of the last to get mine), and I got my Mercury Grand Marquis from Budget. I drove around - my sister's directions were insanely wrong - and eventually arrived at the budget hall.

Some things about Pennsylvania:

  • I now remember why I love driving! PA roads - unlike those in FL - are windy, twisty roads in mountains with signs like "Maintain Speed in Tunnel." FL driving is flat and the only thrill you get is from trying to predict the driving (in)abilities of the elderly community.
  • It's good to see so many Pirates/Steelers/Penguins (less of the latter) fans. Pittsburgh is such an awesome sports town (imho). I miss seeing black and gold everywhere. The Pirates beat the Cardinals 7-3 tonight as well, I believe.
  • I miss the cold. It was 72 when I landed and most people were talking about how nice it was. The next day it was 62 and I was in my element. I miss the weather. "Hot all the time" is boring.
  • PA has so many more brunettes than FL (and I don't just mean because FL has more grey-haired or blue-haired folk). I'm a fan of brunettes, and PA has more than its fair share. Mmmm mmmm mmmm.

I'm sure I had other thoughts, but I've since forgotten them. The rehearsal dinner went pretty well - it turns out I'm going to be the only person on-stage (or whatever you'd call it) for my sister's wedding (on her side). Yes, I'm the "Maid of Honor." Technically I'm the "Man of Honor" but that's far less amusing, so I called myself the "Maid of Honor" all day. It's a Catholic wedding, so I think I'll be standing (and kneeling) for quite awhile.

My sister doesn't look old enough to be getting married. None of this has really sunk in. I got her a gift, I have a tux (me so sexy), etc. - but it just doesn't seem real. She's too young, right? Hell, I barely feel 20, let alone 25. I keep thinking back to those times when as a freshman I'd look at seniors and think "gee, they're so big!" Then I got to be a senior and I recall thinking "I don't feel as big or mature as I remember seniors looking." I still feel that way. Hey, I hope I never feel as old as I am. It's just weird to see your kid sister getting married, perhaps. I don't mean she shouldn't be - just that it's weird.

The pizza afterward (the rehearsal dinner) was odd. It was flaky like a pastry and it must have expanded in my stomach, because I was fully quite quickly. No drunken fatherly speeches were given - and that's fine by me. Karlye and Brad gave me a nifty golf ball divot repair tool/ball marker/keychain. Very nice.

We went back to the hotel and watched the Pirates game. Connie got me some Bada Bing from the B&N as well as some hot donuts from Krispy Kreme. I saw Karlye's apartment earlier in the day ($325/month! That'd barely pay for my den in FL!). I talked to my date/companion/friend on the phone for awhile. I went to bed. Tomorrow's the big day!

2 Responses to "FLL to PIT"

  1. Sounds like you had a good time in PA. Very cool.

    I completely get the weather thing, btw. I'm originally from Massachusetts and spent a year at University of Miami. The weather was so boring! I think I was the only person who'se come close to getting Seasonal Affect Disorder from the lack of winter 🙂

    When I went home to MA for Thanksgiving, one of the first things I did when I got home from the airport was stand outside and watch my breath fog. It was an insanely calming experience.

  2. Too bad you couldn't do the Fort Pitt tunnel thing (closed, go through West End) because that's always the best. Second best is flying in the daytime into Pittsburgh and flying past the city at a low altitude and/or slight bank. So cool to see the city from up there.

    The downside is I'm going to miss it. I'm moving this summer to relocate in Raleigh, NC.