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The Wedding

My sister's now married. My kid sister is married. She's too young, isn't she? I'm barely at the point in my life where I could see getting married, and she's over three years younger. How is she old enough? When you find "The One" I guess you're just ready, right? Well, congrats. But in my defense, my companion/friend/date also pointed out that Brad looks younger than her brother. Her brother is 20 and looks like he's 12, so that's saying something. Brad is 23, I think… My sister will be 22 in July. They're off to the Riviera soon (tomorrow).

The morning of the wedding I drove to PIT again to pick up the date/companion/friend (d/c/f hereafter, if I can remember to do so). Her flight arrived without issue - it was a few minutes late - and she seemed to like the flowers and lemonade (but not the iced tea - it had lemon - I didn't think so) I had for her. We made the mistake of going the wrong way on 22/30 on the way home and ended up in West Virginia instead of Latrobe. Then I missed the turnpike exit by two miles. We got home, changed, dressed.

Wow did she look incredible. Tall (from the shoes I bought her). Elegant (from the dress she bought herself). Simply incredible. She does all the time, but especially in this dress, on this day. I had my tux on, so I looked pretty good myself. 😉

I got to the wedding, and being unable to fulfill my "Maid of Honor" duties due to the fact that I am, indeed, male, I milled around. Took some pictures. Joked about being the "Maid of Honor" some more. Got my flowers (for my tux jacket). Introduced d/c/f to as many people as I cared for her to know (not that many of my family members). Then the wedding began. About fourteen hours later, it ended.

It was a beautiful ceremony. I only wish that I could have understood any of it. Aside from the wisecracks my sister and I said very quietly, I didn't understand a word of it. Neither did most other people. Either the acoustics in that church are horrible or I simply couldn't hear. I think the prior.

I recall having to very discreetly shift my weight several times. I stood for what seemed like hours on end. The ceremony - a traditional Catholic service/mass/wedding (as opposed to a mass wedding, of course) was only an hour and a half long, but that may have been the longest 90 minutes of my life.

Karlye and I did get to share some moments, and that was good. In addition to being "on stage" the entire time - and the only person besides the best man, preacher, and bride/groom - we got to take a walk to give Mary (the virgin, not some old lady like Colin suspected) a flower. We stretched and whatnot, then I walked her back up the aisle. Her train was nice - just about the right length. Her dress was gorgeous. She looked beautiful. Still not old enough to be getting married - but beautiful. In fact, on that last note, I kept thinking that we were in some freaky school play or something… she's old enough to get married? Oh well.

The reception was typical. I mingled. I made my c/d/f suffer through not one but two slow dances. The beef was excellent. Christopher put the garter belt on his head after he caught it. I had three drinks. The c/d/f was bothered by the smoke - I didn't seem to notice, having grown up with my father.

Mickey Mouse showed up, but my mom was (rightfully) pissed that he wasn't wearing a tux, instead opting for some hideous green/orange thing. It's very weird to hear things like "may all the ups and downs in your marriage be between sheets." That's my sister, goddammit! Bah, still funny. Did I mention the beef was good?

We went home. My f/c/d and I went to Krispy Kreme and got some donuts while the Hot Light was on. We looked at Giant Eagle for a sweatshirt as she was cold. Giant "Iggle" had none but I was reminded of the many stores available in PA but scarce or missing in Florida. I got a book at B&N and I got her a bedroom and bathroom decorating book so we could flip through the pictures later.

We returned, flipped through said book, and promptly fell asleep. My sister is married. How weird is that?

2 Responses to "The Wedding"

  1. You know you're from PA when you say "PA" and not "Pennsylvania" 🙂 Eat & park forever.

  2. Congrads to your family and her new one!