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We slept in. My date/companion/friend and I had nothing to do until 11:30, right? The wedding was over, and all we had to do was get to the airport by 1:59 or so. We slept in. It was enjoyable - and relaxing - and we slept in.

What we didn't plan on was the hypoglycemia incident. It was very disturbing to see someone you care about so much in so much pain and discomfort and not be able to do much about it. I did what I could, the entire time feeling wholly inadequate, but she eventually got through it. She's a tough girl. Still, if I could have taken all of her pain away, I would have.

Eventually we got to the airport. I returned the rental car with about four drops of gas - perfect since I'd paid for the full tank up front (for $1.31/gallon). Perfect. H/C/F's flight got messed up, but we fixed that. Brad and Karlye said goodbye, and I was off. Why do I have so much luggage for CA? Ugh.

My flight to Dulles was on a plane with all of 26 passengers (and 30 seats). A "puddle jumper" is a good name for this kind of plane. Turbulence I can deal with, but what I didn't know these planes (a twin prop) did was fishtail like crazy. That was odd. I nearly fell asleep a few times, so that helped the 45 minutes pass pretty quickly.

I landed on time, waited and hour, and boarded my six fucking hour flight to San Jose. I tried to call the h/c/f to see if she got into Dulles okay, but she didn't answer. The flight to CA was uneventful. I was so tired that I didn't want to do anything - read, listen to the iPod, nothing. The movie was again How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, which I'd seen before. I watched it and tried to sleep. I succeeded for a few hours, actually, and thankfully that helped to pass the time.

My housing in CA is nice. I'll sign up for the wireless Internet access ($29.95/month, but I'll only be here for two weeks). I'm rooming with someone right now, but then I'll move to a studio when he leaves. Bummer. 🙁 I've heard the studios are actually pretty small. We chatted, drank some wine, and then hit the hay. The bed: hard as a freakin' rock. I miss my Tempur-Pedic already.