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Life, Part 25

Today was a good day. A new phase of my life begins. I can't say much more than that - nor would I want to - but it's good. Things worked out well. Well, except for the fact that I'll be driving a Cavalier for the next two weeks.

I ate at Outback with Lisa, Al, and Josh. I did some grocery shopping. I bought some pens. None of this makes any sense to anyone, I'm sure, except for me, and that's cool. I'm on the wireless network from my housing for the two weeks, and I'm talking to some friends. Y'know, life goes on.

I haven't checked email in a few days - today being the first - and so it's interesting to see that you can get 397 spams in three days. NetNewsWire also tells me that about 800 entries have been posted, and I'm going to very quickly skim through those. I think I'll do that now.

Tomorrow: dinner with Jason. I'll remember that.

2 Responses to "Life, Part 25"

  1. Dude, upgrade your car. Upgrades to the next level usually run about $1 a day, and to avoid driving a Cavalier I'd pay a lot more than that.

  2. Not worth it, even if it actually was $1/day.