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QotD: Muppets

Question: Who is your favorite muppet?

My Answer: Beaker. Kermit was a close second, followed by Gonzo and Animal.

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8 Responses to "QotD: Muppets"

  1. My Favorite Muppet

    Gonzo is my favorite muppet. You always knew something was going to happen when he was around. And he has the most versitile nose I've ever seen! =) Who is your favorite muppet? [this bit of nostalgia courtesy of Erik]...

  2. I don't think I ever had one? If I had to choose one now, I'd say Rowlf.

  3. QotD: Muppets

    [from nslog] Question: Who is your favorite muppet? My Answer: Rowlf, followed by Fozzie or the Chef! You are encouraged...

  4. Favorite Muppet

    Erik of NSLog asks "Who is your favorite muppet? My favorite muppet, hmmm... Gonzo? Kermit? ... Animal... it has to Animal....

  5. Beaker is most definitely my favorite. His voice was too cute.

  6. Statler and Waldorf, who else. Even if the show was bad, they always made me laugh in the end.

  7. Kermit or Animal here. Gonzo is great too. Fozzy cracks me up. So do the two old guys in the balcony.

    Oh screw it, I like them all.

    - Scott

  8. Miss Piggy! Are you kidding me? She's hilarious