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Day Three

Day three in California was equally uneventful. Josh bailed on the Pixar trip (the bozo :-P) and Jason and I decided to see Finding Nemo another day. I played around with osascript a little bit (it's fun to make other people's computers do funny things). I ate some 7/11 food (gee, yum).

I've got to find something to do here. Saturday and Sunday perhaps I'll go to San Francisco. Perhaps I'll go to a Giants game this weekend… I don't know. Finding Nemo may be tomorrow.

5 Responses to "Day Three"

  1. if ya need pointers drop me a line... I'll be in cupertino workin friday and saturday - but you should DEFINITELY get to San Francisco... LOTS to do up there - have to be for me to commute from my house in SF to my office in Cupertino every day! 🙂

  2. check out the planetwork conference this weekend in the presidio. if you're in SF anyway...the presidio is gorgeous. and if you're there, check out baker beach in the presidio...great views of the golden gate bridge. and in the same neighborhood is the famous stretch of lombard street, crissy field (another great beach), exploratorium (as someone previously suggested), etc. if you're looking for amazing chinese food, be sure to go to house of nan king - you won't be sorry. and you don't even have to worry about ordering (they'll do it for you). the place is a dive, but it has the most incredible food ever - as the line out the door will attest to. let me know if you need more suggestions. i love living in SF. oh- and finding nemo is excellent. 🙂

  3. You're only one exit away from the Winchester house. It feels a little like a tourist trap, but if you can see past that, it's amazing site to see -- particularly if you're into any sort of architecture.

    I'm kind of drawing a blank on other stuff to do in the area. Too bad it's not hockey season. San Francisco has plenty to offer too. Maybe you could post what type of thing you're looking for....

    - Scott

  4. Bailed, eh? When I say I need to know so that I can get you a security pass, I mean then. Not 3 hours before show-time 😛 Besides, you didn't even know what Dumbo is.

  5. Bah, don't give me that! I asked about three people, and you got stuck fascinating about Jason's female roommate. Bah!