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QotD: Favorite Pixar

Question: What is your favorite Pixar flick?

My Answer: Toy Story.

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12 Responses to "QotD: Favorite Pixar"

  1. Someone hasn't seen Finding Nemo yet.

  2. So far, it's Toy Story 2. But I have not seen Finding Nemo yet. Probably this weekend. Although I do have very, very high hopes for The Incredibles!

  3. I would definitely say Finding Nemo. Beside the great animation, Pixar hit it right with the story line and script.

  4. I've seen A Bugs Life, Monsters Inc and Toy Story. I would say Toy Story is the best yet.

    I'll have to go see Finding Nemo soon, the trailer looked good.

  5. From favorite to least favorite:

    1. Toy Story 2

    2. Monsters Inc.

    3. Finding Nemo

    4. Toy Story

    5. A Bug's Life

    In terms of the story, not the animation. The animation order would be completely different.

  6. Its Monsters Inc for me. Love the humour.

  7. No way is Finding Nemo better than Toy Story!

    For me, though, Monsters Inc is just golden. Then comes Bugs Life.

  8. Forced to order them, I'd say

    1. Finding Nemo

    2. A Bug's Life

    *. The Incredibles (probably)

    3. Monsters, Inc.

    4. Toy Story

    5. Toy Story 2

    Mine. Mine. Mine.


  9. For now, I'll go with Monsters Inc. Perhaps Finding Nemo can impress me. We shall see. B-)


    From NSLog(): Question: What is your favorite Pixar flick? My Answer: Toy Story or TS2. I‘m a computer geek and...

  11. Monsters, Inc., hands down. No question about it. No second thought. Monsters, Inc. Gotta love it. 😉

  12. woody and buzz

    flik and grasshopper

    jessie and procspecter

    sulley and mike

    nemo and marlin