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QotD: Segway

Question: How much would you pay for a Segway?

My Answer: $1000. I've already got a scooter to get me around with great fuel economy (and it goes a lot faster, and I store it outside, no problem). I've got a car. And since I don't live or work in a big warehouse where I'd be walking around a lot all day, I really have no use for it. Maybe I wouldn't even pay $1000…

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6 Responses to "QotD: Segway"

  1. Nothing. I'd rather walk.

  2. It all depends on how badly I'd want something cool that would eventually be yet another object that will collect dust in my home.

  3. i would cough up 2-3k for one, but that is because it is a pretty amazing and durable machine. i actually thought about buying one just so i could be the first to go on a segway doob cruise.

    i really like that fade effect, that is how i found this place. would it be in poor taste for me to use something similar on my webpage? no one comes there, so i would be the only one who cares about it probably. you do some nice work. props to you.

  4. Umm ...

    Heh ...

    Interesting question you've got there.


  5. Huggermugger

    noun 1. Disorderly confusion; muddle. 2. Secrecy; concealment. adjective 1. Disorderly; jumbled. 2. Secret; clandestine. verb, transitive 1. To keep

  6. If they made one with a frigin generator or large v8,and I could tow behind my HD,Id pay maybe a grand.