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If you're going to write such a short review, why write a review at all?

As to the "elite ebanks" gentleman who commented, I am 100% positive that he never wrote (nor did he buy the software according to our records). Our metrics for customer response: over 90% of those who write in are replied to within six hours. The other 10% are replied to within two days.

"This app doesn't work for me as I can't change the sending options"? We have no idea what that means. They're text fields, after all - and the only times they're disabled is when you choose "Use Defaults" which just grabs your Internet pref pane defaults.

I'm hopeful that future reviews are more than 400 words. 😛

One Response to "Reviews"

  1. Hi,

    I'm Elite Ebanks and just so you know, I'm most definitely a FEMALE.

    Yes, I purchased MailDrop over a year ago (I will be happy to furnish my serial number so you may check your records) and sent a few support requests directly from MailDrop along with the config report it generated. I guess you guys never received it.

    Not a big deal, really. I did buy your Bookie software program at the discounted coupon price and love it.

    I also recently upgraded to the Business Edition of DayLite and look forward to using the integrated mail-merge feature with MailDrop. If I run into any problems, I'll make sure to e-mail you guys directly instead of using the software.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!

    Elite Ebanks