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QotD: Instruments

Question: Can you play an instrument?

My Answer: I can play a trumpet (and many other brass instruments). I can (barely) play a piano. I could probably learn to play others, but as far as being able to play things well, just the trumpet, really.

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11 Responses to "QotD: Instruments"

  1. Yup... Clarinet.. Also play Sax and Trombone... but Clarinet is my favorite.. 🙂

  2. I used to play piano, organ, and keyboards when I was a kid, but gave it up a long time ago.

    I'm now learning to play the Kora, an African harp-like instrument.

  3. Crash! Crash! Ting...

    The last instrument I actually played was a pair of marching cymbals.

  4. I can play piano. I took lessons for a long time. I also took clarinet at school for one year. Now I'm learning guitar.

  5. fun quesiton.

    I can play well: flute, bass, piccolo, guitar

    I can play in a mediocre fashion: piano, sax, recorder

    I can follow music and play tunes on: any woodwind treble instrument

  6. Guitar

  7. Yup, the trombone, and enough piano to claim it but not enough to actually show anyone...

  8. I'm best in most regards with acoustic, classical, electric or synth guitar.

    I can play piano. The right hand does great, the left hand is pretty weak.

    The first instrument I ever played was snare drum in 5th grade. I can handle the sticks, but I can't do much with a full trap kit lacking the foot coordination, although I can do a few basic beats.

    Music is a hobby of mine, although it's one I don't actively participate in much right now. I've built up a small home studio with 3 keyboards and 8 guitars and some miscellaneous outboard gear and a Yamaha AW-4416 hard disk recorder. I keep kicking myself for letting all this choice stuff collect so much dust, but you know how it is after you hit 30 trying to make a career and all and I'll be 41 in a few days. But I'll never regret spending all that cash on music. Creating music is good for the soul, much more than just playing it, but even playing it is therapeutic.

  9. im going to a club in monday to learn to play a trombone i have not play to trombone befor.

  10. I can play the kora. I am a native of The Gambia

  11. I play keyboards for alot of years. In junior high, I played in the string orchestra the cello. I can't say I can still play it but if I had one, I'd try.

    Currently, I play in a latin band, playing piano, sax, trombone, and flute. It's a little difficult, the switch from brass to flute imparticularly. I play some elec. bass too. I just plain love music.